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Large-scale equipment for your high-pressure process

High-pressure vessels are integral components of processes in the petrochemical and chemical industries. MAN Energy Solutions supplies hydrocrackers, HDPE reactors and other specialist vessels made from high-grade materials. Our high-pressure vessels weigh up to 1,800 mt featuring weld overlay or made from special materials with a wall thickness of up to 350 mm: MAN Energy Solutions brings outstanding experience and expertise to the market, for turnarounds or brand-new plants.
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Made to withstand high pressure - our heavy-duty vessels


The heart of the hydrocracking unit.

  • Up to 70 m in length, 1,800 mt in unit weight
  • Optimized for assembly
  • High temperature chromium steel (e.g. 2 ¼ Cr1Mo, 2 ¼ Cr1Mo ¼ V)
  • Stainless steel cladding (weld overlay)
  • PWHT in one piece 


Fine-tune your refinery.

  • Up to 70 m in length, 1,800 mt in unit weight
  • Optimized for assembly
  • High temperature chromium steel (e.g. 2 ¼ Cr1Mo, 2 ¼ Cr1Mo ¼ V)
  • Stainless steel cladding (weld overlay)
  • PWHT in one piece 


Vessels made of special materials.

  • Made from materials such as zirconium or titanium
  • Desulphurization reactors
  • Duplex steel 
  • HDPE reactors 
  • High-pressure vessels for low-temperature natural gas liquefaction 
  • Up to 70 m in length, 1,800 mt in unit weight 

MAN Energy Solutions expertise for turnarounds or brand-new plants


High-pressure vessels from the experts

Refinery processes are highly complex and costly. Demand for refined products worldwide is on the rise. Your equipment needs to be reliable, efficient and cost-effective to make sure your business is thriving. MAN Energy Solutions has the outstanding expertise and large-scale production facilities needed to make your operations competitive and profitable. For turnarounds or new plants, we manufacture in our workshops on the River Danube and ship directly from there: Vessels weighing up to 1,800 mt featuring a wall thickness of 50 mm to 350 mm. Vessels made from special materials such as zirconizm, CrMO, CrMoV, 20MnMoNi45 or other high-grade materials. Our weld overlay cladding guarantees extra durability. 

maximum weight of our vessels which we ship directly from our workshop
pressure our vessels can withstand
maximum wall thickness of our high-pressure vessels

Two (2) hydrocrackers 

Hydrocracking reactor, Bayernoil, Neustadt, Germany 


Diameter:4,000 mm4,000 mm
Wall thickness:217 mm 
+ 4.5 mm weld overlay 
209 mm 
Length:29,100 mm27,600 mm
Weight:525 mt475 mt
Operating pressure:145.5 bar140.5 bar
Operating temperature:454 °C  454 °C  

12 CrMo 9 10 

Type 347 


base material  

weld overlay 



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Equip your chemical or petrochemical plants with the finest of large high-pressure vessels

If you’re looking to scale up or need to replace existing equipment, check out MAN Energy Solutions' world-renowned large high-pressure vessels. For planning, turnarounds or new units, we have the expertise you need.

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