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Best-in-class for CO2

Carbon capture has become essential in many sectors. Our extensive experience in oil & gas, process industries, and energy has shown that integrally geared compressors are the best for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). Our MAN RG integrally geared compressor is well proven in high-flow and high-pressure applications. High flexibility, extreme efficiency, and low operating costs make it the best choice for your carbon compression, transportation, and sequestration needs. 

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MAN RG compressor operating hours
tons of compressed CO2
mio €
approximate OPEX savings for 200 t/h CO2 from 1 to 160 bar at €60 per MWh

Carbon Economist Podcast

Listen to Dr. Marco Ernst, Head of CCS at MAN Energy Solutions, and Stuart Penson of Carbon Economist discuss modularized compression solutions for any capture technology, based on years of experience in compression of dry and wet CO2 and over a million hours of operation in CCUS applications.

  • High flexibility

    The MAN RG compressor is available in different sizes with flow rates up to 600,000 m3/h. The modular design is highly adaptable to your specific needs. You can choose individual pinion speeds from 3,000 - 50,000 rpm, and impeller sizes from 90 to 1800 mm. Discharge temperature can reach 450°C. The use of standardized preassembled components with proven performance can significantly shorten delivery and assembly times.

  • Low OPEX

    Several factors combine to lower the operating costs starting with high availability, proven in hundreds of cases. Intercooling between stages reduces power consumption and energy costs. The integrally geared compressor has fewer rotating parts than inline machines in CCUS applications, requiring less maintenance. The high adaptability to technical process requirements leads to better performance and reduced OPEX. Using dynamic simulation and our extensive experience we can optimize the interfaces to the customer process and thus also contribute to lower OPEX.

  • High performance

    Integrally geared compressors can set individual speeds for each pinion. This ensures an optimum flow coefficient and results in power savings of up to 20% compared to inline designs. Injection and extraction are possible at each stage while intercooling between each stage lowers the power consumption. Thanks to the higher head per stage, fewer stages are needed, enabling a smaller footprint. Only one casing is needed from 1 to 250 bara. We are very experienced in the compression of dry and wet CO2. We can calculate very different material mixtures with up to 50% water content and integrate them into the process.

360° of integrally geared excellence


Go modular – towards net zero

Our modular approach to CCUS answers different needs with best-in-class technologies for every area of the CO2 value chain. It allows you to easily lower your emissions, reduce spending on CO2 certificates, and demonstrate social responsibility.

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Our integrally geared compressor technology leads the way in carbon compression and has the most references for high-flow and high-pressure applications worldwide.

Carbon capture reduces cement emissions by half

From 2024, the HeidelbergCement Norcem factory in Norway will capture 400,000 tons of CO2 per year, representing 50% of its overall emissions. The carbon will be compressed and liquefied with an MAN RG compressor train and technologies from Aker Carbon Capture, and then transported by ship to an underground storage location. The electrically-powered compressor train allows the compression heat to be recovered and utilized. This transfer of heat is key for the CO2 capture plant's overall power consumption. The steam generated will cover nearly 50% of its power demand.


Carbon transport for Europe’s largest port

MAN is providing the compression technology for the Port of Rotterdam CO₂ Transport Hub and Offshore Storage (Porthos) project. The plan is to store some 2.5 million tons of CO2 per year under the North Sea. The CO2 will be captured by various companies in the Rotterdam port area. Three MAN RG compressor trains will pressurize the CO2 to 132 bar in order to transport and inject the gas into empty gas fields located 3,000 m below the sea.

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