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Maintain your propulsion performance

The propeller is critical to your vessel’s performance and, consequently, propulsion efficiency is also cost efficiency. Our Propeller Maintenance Concept covers all your key needs, including inspection, 3D measurement, reshaping or replacing blades, and overhaul of hub windows. Bring your propellers to the experts of Frederikshavn.

Propeller Maintenance Concept

The Propeller Maintenance Concept (PMC) is a service package including five-and ten-year inspections and overhauls in accordance with docking periods. In the five-year inspection, we remove one blade from the hub, check the surface under the foot, and analyze the oil. For the ten-year inspection we remove all the blades, check the surface of all the blades, and pull out the shaft.

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Propeller Maintenance Concept
Blade and hub reconditioning

Blade and hub reconditioning

Our workshop is equipped with machines for the repair of propeller blades that have suffered all sorts of damage. In this way, you don’t have to buy new blades. We also have a drilling machine with which we can overhaul the propeller hub. The windows in the hubs are machined and we can replace rings if they have a high level of wear.

Case Study


CustomerGerman container vessel owner
ApplicationPropeller hub repair
Shipyard countrySpain
Service scopePMC (propeller maintenance concept) job including repair of propeller hub in workshop


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