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DWE® reactor services

From initial studies to safe operation, from spare parts to repairs, our services ensure the availability and optimal efficiency of your reactor over its entire service life. We want you to get the most out of your investment: Service-life-extending revamps and conversions are available for all assets in the DWE® reactors portfolio.
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The full spectrum of reactor services in OEM quality from a single source

Our expertise in reactor engineering for the chemical industry, as well as apparatus and component construction for both the petrochemical industry and physical research facilities, has earned us the leading role in this global market. With our services for all reactors under the DWE brand of MAN Energy Solutions, you leverage this comprehensive OEM expertise and rigorous quality control for your business goals. As a service customer, you benefit from the experience and innovation of designers, engineers and technicians who know your reactor – down to the last gasket. From design studies to after-sales service, as a reliable and competent partner, we accompany your reactor through all phases of its service life.

Installation and commissioning

Getting it right from the start

 DWE reactors 

Ensure the best preconditions for the efficient operation of your plant with DWE® reactors' conscientious and quality-minded services

As the service branch of the manufacturer of your reactor or apparatus, we reliably time the assembly of your reactor – or the construction of your apparatus – with your start-up schedule. Transporting large, heavy reactors can be challenging, especially if the infrastructure in the country of destination is insufficient. Rely on our worldwide experience to bring your asset to you: We handle preparations and transport.

With DWE® reactors' services, the OEM expertise and experience of our highly skilled set-up and installation teams ensure that assembly, installation, and construction are fast, efficient, and straightforward processes. You have your own team on-site? Our set-up officers can serve as consultants to your team on-site.

How you benefit

  • Fast customized turnarounds
  • All services from a single source, from transport to site acceptance test
  • Highly skilled and experienced assembly, set-up and installation teams
  • Hot-salt test before start-up

Our portfolio of installation and commissioning services

installation service

Leverage the OEM expertise, experience and effectiveness of our teams at DWE® Reactors to ensure a smooth process and flawless operation.

  • Set-up, installation, commissioning, and start-up of all reactors and special apparatus under the DWE brand
  • On-site construction of DWE reactor systems
  • Turnkey solutions (transportation, insulation, scaffolding, monitoring)
  • Advice on issues relating to manufacture, materials, and assembly
  • Site acceptance test and hot-salt test

Spare parts and repairs

Highly qualified field service engineers, spare part delivery with a global reach, and maintenance and repair services from DWE® Reactors ensure you have every type of support for your reactor, or special apparatus, exactly when – and where – you need it.

Genuine OEM spare parts – even for the earliest DWE® reactors ever built


Lifetime spare parts guarantee
Delivery worldwide

Talks about access to genuine OEM spare parts and the latest component and part designs. Needs to put the service front and center and spotlight the impact of OEM quality on assured availability

How you benefit

  • Lifetime spare parts guarantee
  • Delivery worldwide
  • Exact fit of spare parts
  • Access to latest spare part designs
  • Protected warranty
  • Increased uptime
  • Increased reliability of reactor or special apparatus
  • Longer service life

Repairs for DWE® reactors

Lifetime service

Repairs worldwide

As a customer of our field services you benefit from DWE® Reactors intimate OEM knowledge of the specifications of reactors and special apparati. Our repair and maintenance teams have access to the latest research and spare-part designs, advanced technology as well as next-generations tools in diagnostics.

Keeping downtime to a minimum, our highly effective repair services are available both on-site as well as off-site at our workshop facilities. We offer rapid emergency support on-site when your plant is facing downtime and handle scheduled maintenance. Customize long-term agreements are possible.

How you benefit

  • Rapid emergency response
  • Increased uptime
  • Remote maintenance systems
  • Remote maintenance services

Revamps and modifications

Our reactors are in operation for decades, so our after-sales service has to be available for this length of time too. We will provide you with outstanding technical support and original spare parts throughout the service life of the equipment. Furthermore, you benefit from our expertise and ongoing product refinements.

Minimal downtime for revamps


We currently live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, a pace that has never been seen before. Technical solutions to tomorrow’s problems are therefore needed today. As a world leader in reactor and plant technology, we are constantly working on meeting the challenges of the future.

Talks about leveraging DWE® expertise for revamp studies (to determine the work needed to achieve the required output). MAN Energy Solutions offers revamp studies to find the optimal modification of an existing reactor system to reach higher plant capacities

Our portfolio of revamps and modifications services

Installation, modification and commissioning work is among the most important of the services we offer, and is one of the core areas of expertise of the DWE® reactor systems product range within MAN Energy Solutions.

Gas side

  • Calculation of maximum explosion pressure
  • Calculation of pressure relief area
  • Studies and expert opinions

Salt side

  • Determination of salt circulation, temperature distribution and temperature variations
  • Examination of flow patterns
  • Determination of salt pump outputs and cooler size

Plant capacity revamps

  • Optimization of plant process according to maximum plant capacity
  • Optimization of consumption figures for feedstocks and utilities
  • Optimization of plant energy balance
  • Studies and concepts for economical plant extensions and modifications
  • Supervision during mechanical modification on-site
  • Assistance during commissioning and start-up

Consulting and add-on services



Currently available:

  • Remote monitoring of reactor components.
  • Feasibility studies, safety studies and lifetime analysis.
  • Analysis of the data an OEM specialist
  • Double-check of customer information with actual design data possible

Value proposition

  • Predictive maintenance possible
  • Spare parts recommendation and on-time supply

How you benefit

  • higher reliability of operating process
  • improved planning of services

Value-added services

Pilot plant studies

We currently live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, a pace which has never been seen before. Technical solutions to tomorrow’s problems are therefore needed today. As a world leader in chemical and petrochemical reactors and refinery technology, we are constantly working on meeting the challenges of the future. A key role in this, is taken by our in-house pilot plants with integral demonstration area using various types of pilot reactors. Tomorrow’s customers will see the benefits of these and we will be able to offer high-quality technologies and services, which are a step ahead of their time. Customers can benefit from our unique services in scaling up to commercial plants.

Test possibilities

MAN Energy Solutions offers modern testing systems for your processes.

Our pilot plants are open for process development operated in molten salt pilot reactor systems and water-, oil- or gas-operated reactors, like Fischer-Tropsch reactors, for example.

Operating possibilities

Process side

  • Ambient to high pressure
  • Cooling temperature up to 550 °C
More than
reactors installed worldwide
More than
years of experience in building multi-tubular reactors
tubes can run through a tubular reactor, a continuously operated reactor for synthesizing – or processing – chemical feedstocks

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