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We are an international band of down-to-earth visionaries

At MAN Energy Solutions, we’re all about moving big things to zero. As pioneers of decarbonization, we use cutting-edge technology and the power of great teamwork to make significant positive change. You could say we’re a global and diverse band of down-to-earth visionaries: while we like to think big, we always remember to keep our feet on the ground.

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Four good reasons to join us

We’re not your average workplace. Something special sets us apart. Let's dive into four compelling factors that make us stand out.

Teamwork is our superpower

Together we can achieve so much. That’s why we bring people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences together to collaborate and achieve across the globe. Learning from and supporting each other – both professionally and personally – is how we roll. And like all of the greatest teams, together, we master the challenges and then we celebrate our big wins.


We think big but keep our feet on the ground

Yes – we are a team of visionaries. But we are also skilled and practical. Our job is to find viable, real-world solutions. So in everything we do, we are committed, consistent and grounded. We have to be: people look to us to make big things work – 24/7. This spirit of innovation and pragmatism runs through our culture.

We use cutting-edge technology for significant positive change

We’re proud to be leaders in the development of complex systems for global industries. We love technology. We are passionate about using it to combat hard-to- abate emissions in core sectors of the global economy, driving significant positive change. That’s why we get out of bed every morning.

keyvisual Pioneers of decarbonization

We are pioneers of decarbonization

Our goal is to fight climate change by helping to slash 10% of global CO2 emissions with our technologies. In fact, we are fully committed to making this the future of our business growth. Here at MAN Energy Solutions, every single one of us has an active role to play in achieving this goal.

Work with us – we are Moving big things to zero

Imagine working with a global leader in engineering and technology, with a long and successful history, dedicated to achieving a meaningful goal through its activities – a 10% reduction in global emissions? To make this happen, we are building the best team. And we want you on board with your valuable skills and can-do attitude.

This is how we do it

  • Future-technologies

    Future technologies

    Embrace a carbon-neutral future with our low-emission, sustainable and green technologies.

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  • Strategy-with-claim

    Our focus

    Increase your plant and application efficiency, reduce emissions, and meet 2050 net-zero goals with our pioneering technology!

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Why you should work for MAN Energy Solutions

At heart, we’re a passionate and talented tech and engineering organization with centuries of experience. Our main hub is in Germany, but we’re in 120 locations around the world. Our 15,000-strong global team, with its mix of cultures, backgrounds and experiences, brings our big ideas to life. When you join that team, you’ll find a warm and informal environment that values your input and rewards you. We offer competitive pay, social benefits and professional development. We also prioritize your work-life balance – you’re on our team and your well-being matters to us.

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