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Production site Aurangabad

In Aurangabad (India) we produce four-stroke engines and provide engineering services to all locations within the MAN Energy Solutions Group. The Aurangabad’s production site is one of the state–of–the art production facilities of MAN Energy Solutions, producing small bore engines for marine & power applications. The plant is capable of assembly and testing of MAN 21/31, MAN 27/38, MAN V28/32S & MAN 28/33D type of engines for marine mechanical propulsion & diesel electric propulsion along with stationary GenSets. A 900kWp solar power plant and a biogas plant at the Aurangabad site save over 1,230 tones of CO2 per year alone. Process efficiency, occupational safety and health protection are priority for our colleagues in India. We are committed to a greener future and give great importance to implementing the ESG guidelines.
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Since 1902 in India, MAN Energy Solutions has been a reliable partner in providing complete power solutions for the Indian Energy & Marine markets. With our cutting edge technology, we have strong presence in ship propulsion, engine based power plants and turbomachinery trains for the oil & gas and process industries.

more than 350 employees
more than 375 engines delivered till today

Technology and business activities in Aurangabad

MAN L27/38 propulsion

The MAN L27/38 engine is the ideal power source in the 2,100 — 3,060 kW output range for small to medium-sized tankers, cargo vessels, ferries, passenger, RO-RO vessels, coasters, large fishing vessels, tugs, workboats, and supply vessels.

  • 750 – 800 rpm
  • 2,100 – 3,060 kW 

MAN L21/31 propulsion

The MAN L21/31 engine is the ideal power source in the 1,290 – 1,935 kW output range for small to medium sized tankers, cargo vessels, ferries, RO-RO vessels, fishing vessels, tugs, workboats, and supply vessels.

  • 1,000 rpm
  • 1,290 – 1,935 kW

Efficient, clean, compact, and yet powerful, the MAN 28/33D STC represents the synthesis of world-class engineering and state-of-the-art technology for your marine propulsion and power needs. Especially popular in fast ferry and naval applications.

  • 1,000 – 1,032 rpm
  • 5,460 – 10,000 kW

MAN L21/31 Mk2 GenSet

MAN L21/31 Mk 2 GenSets deliver reliable and HFO / Biofuel based auxiliary power.

They operate at the lowest possible accumulated costs during their entire life cycle and therefore represent a safe investment.

  • 900 – 1,000 rmp
  • 1,000 – 1,980 kW
  • 950 - 1,880 kWe

MAN L27/38 GenSet

MAN L27/38 units are characterized by reliable HFO / Biofuel based GenSet power, delivered at the lowest possible accumulated costs during an entire lifecycle. The GenSet represents a safe investment for container vessels.

  • 720 – 750 rpm
  • 1,980 – 3,150 kW
  • 1,900 – 3,025 kWe

Career and training offers

MAN Energy Solutions India Pvt. Limited
Aurangabad 431 136
t: +91 240 2566700

History of Aurangabad site

1989 – Company incorporated as Modi Mirrlees Blackstone Limited, with technology transfer agreement with Mirrlees Blackstone UK

1991 – Start of assembly with ESL range of engines

1994 – Formal inauguration of plant and started assembly of KV12 Engines

2000-2003 – Became part of Alstom and then MAN B&W Diesel

2003 – Became MAN B&W Diesel India Ltd. took over business of Augsburg Power Plants

2006 – Started engineering centre

2006 – Became MAN Diesel India Ltd

2007 – Started production of  MAN 32/40 engines

2009 – Engine further expansion of Engineering Centre


2010 – Became MAN Diesel & Turbo India Ltd

2011 – Started assembly of small bore engines

2011 – Started IT hub for global support

2014 – All Board Members together visited Aurangabad plant as part of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE board meeting

2015 – Plant expansion took place

2016 – Became MAN Diesel & Turbo India Pvt Ltd

2018 – Became MAN Energy Solutions India Pvt Ltd

2023 Became green electricity utilising production site, with installation of own PV Solar power plant

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