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Providing the flexibility needed for reliable power generation

Dual fuel engines switch seamlessly between gas and liquid fuels without impacting performance – for maximum reliability you can count on.
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Our dual fuel engines: Delivering high performance, efficiency and versatility

MAN 51/60DF

This dual fuel engine converts diesel or natural gas efficiently, and can switch from one fuel to another without any fluctuations in speed or output. It's also possible to easily upgrade our MAN 51/60 engine to dual fuel capability if necessary.

  • Engine speed: 500/514 rpm
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Up to 20,700 kWm

MAN Energy Solutions offers a range of reliable dual fuel engines to give operators the flexibility they need to react to changing environmental regulations and fuel availability.

Making the most of all fuel sources

MAN Energy Solutions designs dual fuel engines to achieve the same high performance and efficiency – whichever fuel may be available.  

The main advantage of dual fuel technology is fuel flexibility. This makes it possible to take advantage of the low cost and superior environmental benefits offered by gas. If the supply of gas fuel is interrupted, the engine can continue operating using liquid fuel. In addition to natural gas, our dual fuel engines can also run on liquid biofuel or distillates like marine diesel oil (MDO), marine gas oil (MGO), crude oil and heavy fuel oil (HFO). Dual fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions are known for their reliability, efficiency, performance and the ability to switch between fuel sources. And if you already have one of our liquid fuel engines, it's easy to upgrade to dual fuel capability to meet changing needs.



Decarbonize with gas and dual fuel engines

MAN gas and dual fuel engines offer a clear path toward net zero. By using natural gas in comparison to coal, they immediately reduce CO2 emissions. The ability to run on SNG or biofuels offers you independence from the price and supply fluctuations of the natural gas market already now! At the same time, they have the highest electrical efficiency, are very dynamic and allow modular plant design.

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The wide output range of the dual fuel engines offers an ideal solution for all sizes.

MAN PrimeServ protects your energy assets from day one

Whether you feed energy into the grid or satisfy a localized demand, on land or at sea, our technicians provide what you need – where and when you need it, ensuring the availability, flexibility, and profitability of your plant. 

How you benefit: 

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support
  • Prompt delivery of OEM spare parts
  • Bespoke O&M contracts
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 
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MAN Energy Solutions powers base-load power plant in Corsica

The 123 MW power plant on the island of Corsica is designed to provide power with low emissions. Initially operating on diesel fuel, the power plant features seven dual fuel engines to allow a smooth transition to LNG once the supply is available.


power plant
CustomerEDF, Electricité de France
Customer typePower provider
ApplicationBase-load power plant
Location of installationCorsica, France
Commercial operations2014
MAN's scope of workExtended equipment supply, 7 x MAN 18V51/60DF engines

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Embrace the flexibility offered by dual fuel technology

MAN Energy Solutions is there to help – from designing the right solution for your needs to installation and ensuring trouble-free operation. Start using these versatile powerhouses today to generate cleaner power. 

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