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Secure your power supply with ambient air

Liquid air energy storage (LAES) is a cost-effective, long-term and large-scale solution without geographical restrictions. It makes fluctuating renewable sources capable of bearing base loads.
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LAES – a flexible, scalable approach to energy storage

LAES boosts operational flexibility and keeps the power system stable

Liquid air energy storage (LAES) gives operators an economical, long-term storage solution for excess and off-peak energy.

LAES plants can provide large-scale, long-term energy storage with hundreds of megawatts of output. Ideally, plants can use industrial waste heat or cold from applications to further improve the efficiency of the system. This innovative, flexible technology can be used for multiple applications, e.g. transmission and distribution optimization, peak shaving and intraday arbitrage, which means that energy is stored at low tariffs and discharged at high tariffs. This technology uses off-peak or excess energy to compress, liquefy and store air in insulated tanks. The air is evaporated, expanded and heated in times of demand to produce power. LAES solutions can also be installed anywhere regardless of geography.

LAES turbomachinery solutions by MAN – powering long-term energy storage

MAN Energy Solutions designs the most reliable turbomachinery components for bulk energy storage solutions.

We offer turbomachinery solutions and cryogenic equipment essential for LAES, with components for medium to very large system sizes. Reliable and durable, our products have a long life cycle of over 35 years without degradation. They meet the unique needs of large-scale energy production shared by our wide range of customers, including network operators, utilities, independent power producers, power plant operators and industries.

MAN Energy Solutions manufactures state-of-the-art air compressors that can produce over 45,000 tons of liquefied air each day. We also offer efficient, reliable power recovery units, including air expanders and steam turbines for power generation and mechanical applications up to 180 MW. To strike the perfect balance between costs and efficiency, we tailor our axial and radial gear expander solutions with single- and multistage designs. With decades of experience in cryogenic solutions, we design, engineer and install complete storage and vaporization systems with cryogenic pumps for liquid air.

How you benefit:

  • High system efficiency
  • Compressors and air expanders available for medium to very large system sizes
  • Long life cycle and no degradation

power range of LAES systems
of scalable storage capacity possible in LAES solutions
round-trip efficiency for stand-alone LAES systems and with waste heat/cold

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MAN Energy Solutions provides compressors, air expanders and cryogenic equipment for LAES plants. We optimize and design our equipment based on your specific requirements and support you in optimizing your system.

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