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MAN Energy Solutions provides flexible, dynamic peaking power solutions for applications that require an immediate reaction to load demands.
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Peaking solutions deliver instant power to stabilize the grid

Striking the right balance

Our flexible peaking solutions react effectively to sudden load changes, responding to changing power demands with power production at the touch of a button.

With the growing share of non-dispatchable renewable energy sources in power grids, power producers are facing new challenges. Many involve fluctuations in power supply, which can make it difficult to provide stable, reliable base power. 
Peaking solutions from MAN Energy Solutions provide dispatchable power and are designed to balance out this volatility. These modular and scalable solutions offer total fuel flexibility. With quick installation, synchronization and ramp-up times, our efficient peaking engine-based gensets offer multiple start and stop capabilities without impacting maintenance. They can also guarantee engine part- and low-load operation.

Custom peaking solutions for your business

Versatile, modular and fast-starting – we design high-efficiency peaking solutions with a number of benefits for your business.

Our peaking solutions are ideal for utilities, municipalities and independent power producers who need to balance a volatile power environment and provide related services. These systems allow for short starting times, along with safe and efficient engine part- and low-load operation down to 10%. The high power density of these modules means compact plants and optimal capital expenditure. It's also possible to incorporate additional energy storage systems to create solutions that are even more dynamic. 

How you benefit:

  • Customized solutions
  • Optimized capital and operation expenditures
  • Fast start
  • High efficiency and flexibility


from start request to 100% load

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  • MAN peak-load and balancing solutions
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    The growing share of non-dispatchable renewable energy sources (RES) in power grids makes it difficult for power producers to provide stable and reliable base power. Responsive, flexible, and highly efficient balancing power solutions are needed to match the variations in supply and demand. MAN peak-load solutions are ideal for applications that require frequent ramping up and down or cycling in response to changes in demand and load.

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MAN Energy Solutions creates modular, customized peaking solutions for your power generation needs. We provide support at every step in the process – from consulting to maintenance. Learn more about how we can help you ensure a stable and reliable power supply.

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