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Waste-to-energy – a greener way to manage waste

Waste-to-energy (WtE) solutions treat and convert sources of waste into energy or heat. Operators use the heat generated in this incineration process to produce electricity and district heat – as well as additional revenue.
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Turning yesterday's trash into tomorrow's energy: Waste-to-energy plants

Turning waste into a valuable energy resource

Managing waste is a major issue that affects the entire world. MAN Energy Solutions offers a way to unleash the hidden potential in this seemingly worthless material while helping to protect the environment.

Communities of all sizes are facing the same challenge – how to effectively remove and treat waste in a responsible, environmentally sound way. Legislators are also tightening regulations surrounding waste to prevent further damage to the environment and to protect natural resources. These include strict global directives to promote recycling in an effort to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Waste-to-energy (WtE) solutions offer a number of benefits. With this highly efficient method of recovering electricity and heat, our customers will be able to significantly reduce the climate impact of modern waste management. Every ton of waste incinerated prevents one ton of CO2 from being released. It is also much more climate-friendly compared to landfill disposal, as it prevents methane from leaking from these dumping sites. WtE can reduce landfill volumes by over 90%. Operators can also use the heat generated in this process to produce power and district heat, which leads to higher profits.

Delivering WtE solutions for your needs

Offering complete installations of steam turbine generator units, MAN Energy Solutions supplies everything you need for an efficient power plant.

MAN Energy Solutions designs WtE solutions for your specific requirements. We supply steam turbine generator units for WtE plants, and also provide the components needed in the water/steam cycle – including heating condensers, air-cooled condensers, preheaters, bypass stations and interconnecting pipework. Public utility companies and municipalities around the world are using WtE solutions from MAN Energy Solutions to help them reduce landfill volumes and benefit from this previously untapped power source.

How you benefit:

  • Helps ensure compliance with stricter environmental regulations
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 and methane
  • Reduces landfill volumes
  • Additional source of revenue
of CO2 emissions prevented with every ton of waste burned instead of fossil fuels
landfill volume can be reduced with WtE technologies
power produced by the largest MAN Energy Solutions steam turbine generator set installed in a waste-to-energy plant

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Powering London with waste 

MAN Energy Solutions supplied the steam turbine generator unit and other equipment for the Riverside Resource Recovery facility in Belvedere, London. It generates energy to power 100,000 homes by processing 735,000 tons of waste produced in the region each year. 

CustomerHitachi Zosen Inova for Riverside Resource Recovery
Customer typeUtility
ApplicationPower generation
Location of installationLondon, England
Commercial operation2011
MAN's scope of work

MST100 steam turbine, generator, auxiliaries

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MAN Energy Solutions can help you turn your waste into energy: From designing the right solution to meet your needs to supplying all the necessary components. Benefit from our proven expertise, technology and services – and start making the most of this often-overlooked resource.

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