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Over the last 70 years, MAN Energy Solutions France has delivered nearly 5,800 Marine-sector engines in over 70 countries.

With a power output of 450 kW - electricity generator unit - up to 82 000 kW - propulsion engine - we provide solutions for propulsion, blades, shaft lines, reduction gears, hybrid propulsion systems and emission after-treatment devices.

We promote the maritime energy transition, drawing on the increased use of clean fuels in shipping. We offer alternative drive technologies, including hybrid drives, and exhaust gas treatment systems in order to further reduce the environmental impact of shipping traffic.

Energy & Storage

For over 50 years, MAN Energy Solutions France has been providing power plant solutions: 2,650 engines in 96 countries representing about 12.7 GW installed capacity.

Customer centricity defines the core of our strategy.

MAN Energy Solutions is an ideal partner for your project, offering you worldwide flexible Power Plants solutions, from large bore engine generating sets to turnkey power plants.

The Power Plants team is able to manage commercially and technically complex projects:

  • Stationary Power Plants in Africa and French-speaking countries
  • Emergency Diesel Generating sets for nuclear power plants worldwide

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Oil & Gas / Process Industry

We offer to our French customers reliable and efficient turbomachinery solutions for a wide-range of industrial applications in or out of France. From oil & gas to process industries – we make sure that resources are produced and used in the most sustainable and efficient way. MAN Energy Solutions has the technology and expertise to help you make the most of your business. We provide high-quality maintenance services for our equipment via our brand MAN PrimeServ.

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MAN PrimeServ France is the service provider for all brands of MAN Energy Solutions in France in the marine, energy & storage and oil & gas / industrial process sectors. As a worldwide expert on the S.E.M.T Pielstick brand, we offer our deep experience in the naval and nuclear sectors.

Our after-sales service provides customer solutions through a wide global offer of products and services for each stage of the engine, auxiliary and automation life cycle.

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Service by MAN PrimeServ

PrimeServ Academy Saint-Nazaire

With over thirty years of experience, the PrimeServ Academy in Saint-Nazaire is the expert Power Plants Maintenance & Operation and for all S.E.M.T. Pielstick engines. The catalogue contains training offers for theoretical and practical training in Pielstick engines, MAN 48/60, MAN turbocompressors and Command systems. Specific training is available according to client requirements. Lessons can also be delivered internationally on our clients' sites.

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More than
GW total running power in our Pielstick installed base
Pielstick engines have been manufactured until 2016

All our applications


Navy reference

Customer: More than 20 navies worldwide 
Fleet: More than 1'000 engines in operation 
Engine types: PA4, PA6, PC4, PC2-5
Total running power: 5.8 GigaWatts
Engines in operation: For more than 35 years

Merchant marine

merchantmarine France
Customer: more than 60 countries worldwide 
Fleet: More than 1'000 engines in operation 
Engine types: PA4, PA5, PA6, PC2-5, PC2-6, PC20, PC4
Total running power: 4.5 GigaWatts
Engines in operation: For more than 40 years

Power plants

power reference France
Customer: In more than 50 countries worldwide 
Fleet: More than 1'000 engines in operation 
Engine types: PA4, PA6, PC2-5, PC2-6, PC4, PC2-2
Total running power: 5.6 GigaWatts
Engines in operation: For more than 40 years


nuclear reference France
Customer: 17 countries worldwide 
Fleet: More than 330 engines in operation 
Engine types: PA6, PC2-5, PC2-6
Total running power: 2.4 GigaWatts
Engines in operation: For more than 45 years


traction France
Customer: 12 countries worldwide 
Fleet: More than 610 engines in operation 
Engine types: PA4, PA4-185
Total running power: 1.045 MegaWatts
Engines in operation: For more than 55 years

Reference sheets from Power Plants, emergency GenSets & Services

  • PowerPlants_France_18V51/60_18V48/60
    pdf, 1732 KB
    MAN Energy Solutions France has successfully concluded the contract with EDF-PEI. The best available technologies have been implemented as part of this project. The Pointe-Jarry power plants, Bellefontaine and Port-Est also count to the most autonomous and less polluting in the world. she also benefit from long-term maintenance (long Term Service Agreement).
  • PowerPlants_Senegal_18V48/60
    pdf, 582 KB
    Central Tobene, 90 km north of Dakar, offers new opportunities for growth through production of 22% of the national thermal production. The power plant comprises six motors 18V48 / 60 and a turbine that a production capacity of 115 MW.
  • PowerPlants_Mauritania_16PC2.6B
    pdf, 1204 KB
    MAN Energy Solutions France was commissioned with the expansion of the power plant from Zouerate in Mauritania. This project was carried out taking into account strong restrictions the geographical location, in the middle of the Sahel: Extreme weather conditions, logistical difficulties while high standards were met in terms of health and safety.
  • PowerPlants_Finland_18PA6BN
    pdf, 616 KB
    Thanks to its robustness and Durability, the PA6 B is perfect suitable for emergency diesel Nuclear power plants. This is the case with the engine 18 PA6 B, this is near the Gulf of Botnia stationed.
  • PowerPlants_China_18PA6BN
    pdf, 1221 KB
    For this project based in China, MAN Energy Solutions France worked in collaboration with one of its local licensees: Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry (SXD). This cooperation made it possible to design a high-performance solution and competitive, responding to customer needs.

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