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About MAN Energy Solutions Taiwan

MAN Energy Solutions Taiwan is a complete solution provider and is well equipped for various scenarios for the challenging future.

In 2018, MAN Energy Solutions Taiwan expanded the local organization with a total of over 20 employees and opened a new workshop.

We have been serving our customers in Taiwan for years and have a wide range of products, solutions and integrated systems, that are known for their exceptional efficiency and reliability. Our reference list of installed MAN products has grown to over 1,100 references.


Our mission is to convert energy into sustainable progress and prosperity and to drive the transition to a climate-neutral world.

We offer our customers sustainable power supply solutions from a single source - combining thermal power plants, renewable energies and energy storage solutions. Intelligent energy management systems use the most environmentally friendly and economical energy sources.
We are promoting the energy transition at sea and relying on the increased use of clean fuels in shipping. We offer alternative propulsion technologies, including hybrid propulsion and exhaust treatment systems, to further reduce the environmental impact of shipping.
We offer reliable and efficient turbomachinery solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. From the oil and gas industry to the process industry - we ensure that resources are produced and used in the most sustainable and efficient way.

employees work at MAN Energy Solutions Taiwan
we can look back on over 1100 references

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