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MAN 35/44DF CD – dual fuel auxiliary genset with zero compromises

In the rapidly evolving marine market, a versatile auxiliary genset can make a difference to your ship’s economic and environmental performance. But only if it can provide a complete range of strengths: high power, fuel flexibility, low methane slip, future-proof technology, and competitive CAPEX and OPEX.

With its state-of-the-art engineering, the new MAN 35/44DF CD delivers the full spectrum. It can adapt to the most varied genset applications and is ready for future methanol use, CO2 reduction, and the “Fit for 55” climate package.

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power per cylinder
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methane slip reduction
compared to market standard
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engine configuration

Higher power, better configuration, fewer gensets

The advantages of the powerful 560 kW/cylinder output are easy to demonstrate using a typical LNG carrier as an example. Instead of needing four gensets to cope with the high load demand of cargo unloading and port operation, (e.g. 2x6 + 2x8 cylinders at 480 kW), the work can be done with just three MAN 35/44DF CD GenSets (3x8 cylinders at 560 kW).

With this setup, the LNG carrier needs only one genset for normal operation. The other two are kept for cargo loading and unloading. This saves operation hours, fuel, and emissions, in particular methane slip. It also lowers investment costs and space requirements.

Technical specifications


Power output 560 kW/cylinder
Tier III emissions complianceWith SCR in diesel operation. No SCR needed for gas operation
Main gas fuels Natural gas, biomethane
Main liquid fuels MGO, MDO, diesel, or biofuel
Pilot fuelsMGO, synthetic diesel
Future fuelsMethanol ready


MAN 35/44DF CD engine views

The 35/44DF CD was developed in close collaboration with our licensee and is based on shipyard needs to meet all demands: low CAPEX, digitalization, easy integration, low emissions and full flexibility for the future, e.g. methanol operation.

Marita Krems, Senior Vice President Head of Four-Stroke Marine & License

MAN 35/44DF CD the full spectrum
MAN 35/44DF CD performance

Engineering the evolution together with our customers

From dual fuel reliability to full spectrum performance, the new genset is based on the MAN 35/44DF CR and MAN 32/44CR, proven with millions of hours in the field.

We have built on the base engine elements, which ensures the safety of the genset and low maintenance needs. We have also made upgrades to key application components, improving quality, making installation faster, lowering both CAPEX and OPEX, and generally making operation, installation, and maintenance more convenient.

The MAN 35/44DF CD is developed and tested together with the STX engine and allows licensees to implement their own sourcing concepts.

Upgraded components

  • SaCoS 5000 – the engine control system ensures future-proof digitalization with CAPEX-optimized, state-of-the-art cybersecurity, available from 2025
  • State-of-the-art cybersecurity – up to SL3
  • Mk3 fuel injection system – robust design, with over 2,000 units in operation. Saves on cost and emissions, and is compatible with future fuels
  • Pilot fuel oil pump – direct drive pump prevents blackouts and optimizes CAPEX
  • Combustion strategy – increased power and reduced methane slip
  • Cylinder top cover – modular design for easy maintenance of cylinder head, air intake and gas pipe, and full methanol upgrade
MAN 35/44DF CD technical drawing
methane slip reduction

Low methane slip

We have made several important design changes: crevice volume is reduced, realized up to 35% engine load, and combustion process updated.

All these technologies are available as standard. All load points are secured with the lowest methane slip. You benefit from plug-and-play and worry less about engine adjustments. The result is up to 85% lower methane slip compared to current industry standards. Be ready for future regulations and taxes.

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