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The high efficiency, low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA engine delivers best-in-class CAPEX for LNG carriers

The new low-pressures MAN B&W ME-GA two-stroke dual-fuel LNG engine delivers a low CAPEX solution that is the perfect choice for certain vessel types and applications, such as LNG carriers which are able to use "boil-off" gas as a source of fuel, or smaller ships where low capital outlay is a priority.

Based on the well-proven MAN B&W dual-fuel design with minimal installation requirements, the MAN B&W ME-GA uses an efficient ignition concept and a unique gas admission system that delivers safe and reliable operation at the lowest possible cost. 

With Tier III compliance in gas mode, the engine ensure that your vessels meets all current and upcoming NOx emission regulations.


Best-in-class CAPEX

In addition to the advantages of using "boil-off" gas from LNG carriers, the MAN B&W ME-GA is exceptionally cost-efficient in other ways, for example with minimal installation and operational costs, simply supply and purging concepts and low maintenance costs of the fuel-gas supply system. Well-known engine room design accommodates simple installation, and the distinctive features from the well known ME-GI platform enables you to take advantage of crews existing ME-GI know how.

Up to 50% reduction of methane slip with proven EGR design

Next generation performance and efficiency

Key features

  • Unique gas admission system
  • Engine design facilitates simple application
  • Minimal installation cost
  • Low operational cost
  • Low maintenace costs for the fuel gas supply system
  • Simple supply and purging costs
  • Well-known engine room design 
  • Cost-optimized boil-off gas handling
  • Low NOx emissions and Tier III compliance in gas mode



The low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA two-stroke dual-fuel LNG engine is particularly suitable for LNG carriers which are able to use "boil-off" gas as a source of fuel, or smaller ships where low capital outlay is a priority. Using a unique gas admission system, the engine ensures minimal installation and operating costs, and delivers best-in-class reliability. This is all possible due to our patented engine design involving an on-engine gas regulating valve and a bypass system that enables depressurization of the system without expensive dedicated blow-off piping.  

MAN B&W ME-GA live engine demonstration

This event included a panel discussion, presentations and a live tour to the engine room at our Research Centre in Copenhagen where the audience was able to watch our new low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA engine run! Browse videos, images, download the presentations and enjoy the webinar recording of this exclusive session.

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