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MAN B&W ME-GI prepares your fleet for future regulations

The MAN B&W ME-GI two-stroke dual-fuel engine provides a future-proof solution for LNG/methane-powered vessels thanks to its negligible methane slip and high fuel efficiency.

Based on one of the industry’s most trusted platforms, the MAN B&W ME-GI uses a high-pressure fuel supply system and is suitable for many types of vessels. The engine achieves exceptionally low methane slip emissions and provides a large degree of flexibility for meeting emissions regulations, now and in the future. We have also refined and simplified the design, upgrading key components, and improving reliability.

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ME-GI engine orders since 2014

The world’s most efficient engine for methane as a fuel

Perfect for new builds or retrofits, the MAN B&W ME-GI minimizes operating costs by delivering high industry-leading thermal efficiencies no matter which fuel is used. This is a huge advantage, especially for container vessels in a market with fluctuating fuel prices. The ME-GI can also be fueled with bio-methane as well as synthetic natural gas, providing a clear route towards greenhouse gas reductions.

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Next-generation performance and efficiency

Key benefits

two-stroke MAN B&W engine
  • Proven two-stroke MAN B&W engine technology
  • Minimal environmental impact (low emissions thanks to negligible methane slip and reduced CO2 emissions)
  • No need to compensate with liquid oil fuels to accommodate low methane numbers or high ambient temperatures
  • Flexible operation using fuel oil or LNG
  • Knocking is not an issue
  • Supports waste heat recovery (WHR)
  • Easy retrofit compared to Otto cycle engines



The ME-GI is built for low OPEX, delivering the same industry-leading thermal efficiency no matter which fuel is used. This is a huge advantage in a fluctuating fuel market where LNG bunkering will become the norm. The auxiliary equipment costs have been reduced and the engine’s installation is simplified. Furthermore, key components have been updated to improve performance and deliver a more environmentally friendly solution.

Component upgrades


The new MAN B&W ME-GI incorporates a range of key component upgrades that improve reliability, maximize efficiency and lower OPEX, helping you to stay competitive in a challenging market.

  • Lowest gas consumption of any marine two-stroke engine
  • Simplified piping system provides a more compact solution with fewer components, and therefore lower maintenance costs
  • New gas block with an improved window valve enables cut-out of an individual cylinder operating on gas, while allowing continued operation on fuel oil
  • Updated pilot oil injection system enables the pilot oil energy fraction be lowered to just 1.5% for certain bore sizes 
  • Optional compact pump vaporizer unit features embedded redundancy (3 x 50%) and integration with the ME-GI engine control system 

Service solutions for optimum cost efficiency of your MAN B&W ME-GI engine

MAN PrimeServ offers advanced modernization solutions to optimize the reliability, availability, and economic efficiency of existing equipment. Furthermore, MAN’s modernization and retrofit solutions are tailor-made to customers’ specific applications and machinery. 
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Explore your options for the MAN B&W ME-GI

The new MAN B&W ME-GI two-stroke dual-fuel engine is built to support your power needs today and for the future.

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  • White paper

    Managing methane slip

    Does the issue of methane slip affect the climate benefits of LNG as an engine fuel for marine applications? Download this paper and find out more about the various countermeasures the company has taken for this purpose.

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  • MAN ExpertTalk

    MAN B&W ME-GI: Highest efficiency, lowest methane slip

    Watch the recording of our MAN ExpertTalk about MAN B&W ME-GI - our highly efficient two-stroke dual-fuel engine with an exceptionally low methane slip. During this ExpertTalk, we delve into the technical features of this engine type, new insights from service experience and the possibility to operate this engine on LNG, bio-methane and SNG, providing a clear route towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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