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Centrifugal compressors

MAN Energy Solutions manufactures centrifugal compressors which are used in a wide range of industrial applications. They are renowned for their reliability and integrability, as well as for their high efficiency.
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A versatile compressor for various applications

Compression sits at the heart of many sensitive industrial processes. Downtimes are expensive and you need to know you can rely on your compression equipment. Our centrifugal compressors have been a much-appreciated staple component in all sorts of industries for many decades.

An ultra-reliable compressor for a whole host of industries

From energy recovery to transportation, from refineries to fertilizer, our centrifugal compressors are used in countless applications


Whichever industry you are in, increasing the efficiency of your operations will be high on your list of priorities. MAN Energy Solutions centrifugal compressors can deal with vast volume flows and require little downtime, increasing your ROI on a daily basis. Many of the industries this compressor is employed in are operating with extremely high stakes – expensive and highly toxic or flammable substances. At MAN Energy Solutions, we are aware that our compressors sit at the heart of such processes. We are continuously working to improve and innovate what is already well-proven and highly recommended machinery. 


Centrifugal compressors to support your industrial processes

Barrel-type or horizontally split, we know what fits your industry 

Depending on which application you need your compressor for, we will select the best flow path technology in one of our two available designs: barrel-type (RB) or horizontally split (RH). MAN Energy Solutions centrifugal compressor designs cover a wide range of flow rates as well as extreme discharge pressures so that we can respond to almost any industry requirements. 

Our modular configuration ranges from predesigned centrifugal compressor packages to completely customized units.  

The Configure-to-Order compressor designs achieve the fastest machine train delivery times at an optimized CAPEX level without compromising the high equipment quality and reliability that sets MAN Energy Solutions apart.

With our Engineer-to-Order designs, we fulfil every customer need - no matter how severe the process and how extreme the corrosion - taking into account our years of expertise as a tailor-made equipment specialist.


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