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Large-scale technical plants for refineries and petrochemical companies

Besides renewable energy, crude oil remains one of the world’s most important raw materials. Complex and costly refining processes turn it into petrol, diesel and other hydrocarbons. Producers around the world have been relying on our expertise in the field for decades. We supply residue fluid catalytic cracking (RFCC) and fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units. These comprise reactor and regenerator, pipework, pressure-retaining spare parts, internals such as combustor risers and other components such as orifice chambers. Furthermore, we offer waste heat recovery units for methanol plants as well as high-pressure equipment. You can come to us for equipment made from special materials such as duplex, nickel-based alloys, zirconium and others. We also offer process fixtures and linings – for thermal insulation or as abrasion protection.
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Components for RFCC/FCC units

RFCC/FCC reactors

Reliable reactors of all sizes

  • Up to 10 m in diameter, 70 m in length, 1,800 mt in weight
  • Fully equipped (catalyst separation system), ready for operation
  • Optimized for assembly
  • High-temperature chromium stee
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • Refractory lining


Critical equipment for refinery processes

  • Up to 10 m in diameter, 70 m in length, 1,800 mt in weight
  • Fully equipped (catalyst separation system), ready for operation
  • Optimized for assembly
  • Refractory lining
  • Internals made from stainless steel

Pressure-retaining spare parts

Such as regenerator head

We supply:

  • Regenerator/reactor heads
  • Strippers
  • Risers
  • Y-pieces, etc.


Such as combustor riser.

We supply:

  • Air grids
  • Combustor risers
  • Internal risers


We supply:

  • Product lines
  • Flue gas lines

Components relevant to FCC

Such as orifice chambers.

We supply: 

  • Third and fourth stage separators
  • Orifice chambers

Tried and tested equipment for smooth processes

From studies to on-site assembly – your one-stop-shop for excellence

MAN Energy Solutions offers far more than just supplying the hardware you require. We act as a single-source solution provider or consult on individual stages in strategic planning. 

Customers worldwide are working with us to improve their business. Together we make sure their technology is fit for the market or overcome tricky steps such as the safe transportation of extremely heavy and large equipment. We provide everything from feasibility studies to the execution of turnarounds. 

We have extensive experience with all main FCC/RFCC licensors, are experienced in working with high-temperature chromium steel and will design your unique pressure equipment if needed. 

We offer: 

  • Engineering
  • Studies
  • Shutdown planning
  • Shop fabrication
  • Logistics
  • On-site assembly
  • Execution of revamps and turnarounds
  • Support during commissioning
Go to RFCC/FCC units and turnarounds
Single source
point of contact for everything you need
Large size up to
diameter vessel size shipped from our workshop to Constanta (to Rotterdam if up to 8 m in diameter)
Heavy weight
weight of vessels directly shipped from our workshop site

RFCC revamp, acting as a single-source contractor



ORPIC Sohar refinery, Oman (2016) 

  • Engineering, shop fabrication and delivery to site 
  • Components: Regenerator head with plenum, RG air dome, RG air grids, reactor internals, orifice chamber
  • Pre-TAR assembly of Rg head with cyclone system
  • Replacement of components in regenerator and repair work in reactor, stripper packing, minor piping work and instrumentation work

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Improve your high-pressure equipment and make sure your business is fit for the future.

Our extremely reliable and durable FCC components have made us the world’s leading supplier. See how your business can benefit from our expertise and experience.

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