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The growing need for digital plant management

The global pandemic has made the importance of digital-based remote support clearer than ever. And yet it is only one of the many arguments in favor of comprehensive digital life-cycle management and autonomous operation. 

Digitalization makes highly automated, fully automated, and autonomous operation possible, thereby reducing costs while increasing flexibility and resilience. MAN Energy Solutions provides digital solutions for the whole life cycle of a turbomachinery plant – from planning and manufacture to commissioning and operation.

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in the industry to perform remote commissioning: MAN Energy Solutions
better machine availability can result in up to €1 million benefit p.a.
level 5 autonomy for all turbomachinery applications: MAN Energy Solutions
Digital Life Cycle Benefits

Objectives and benefits of autonomous operation

Combining human expertise with artificial intelligence is the key to MAN’s innovative digital solutions. Our main objective is to make sure that resources are produced and used in the most reliable, sustainable, and efficient way. 

Specific benefits include: 

  • Higher energy efficiency  
  • Reduced duration and cost of inspections
  • Lower OPEX 
  • Increased availability, fewer unplanned shutdowns, and longer uninterrupted operation
  • Fewer human errors
  • Higher production efficiency 
  • Reputation enhancement of digitization and decarbonization
  • Compliance with international cyber security standards

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Introducing autonomous operation

We define the basic concepts, describe its development, and explain the potential benefits of autonomous operation for turbomachinery systems.
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Superior digital solutions for turbomachinery equipment

Our digital solutions suite spans design, manufacturing, inspection, testing, installation, cold and hot commissioning and remote services for operation. Using our MAN PrimeServ Assist services and MAN CEON digital platform, we offer remote supervision and support in cases where deployment of field service experts to the site is challenging or impossible.

Digital life cycle
  • MAN digital solutions for unmanned and autonomous operations

    Explore the benefits of digitalization and remote operation

    How could MAN digital tools impact your operations? We’ve successfully enabled the unmanned operation of turbomachinery under the sea, improving personnel safety and plant availability while reducing OPEX and emissions.

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Case Studies


Remote commissioning in Uzbekistan

In 2020, Uzbekistan went into lockdown because of COVID-19, forcing our engineers to return before completing the project. They were working on a four-part compressor train (an air and nitrous oxide compressor, a gas expander, and a steam turbine) for a new nitric acid plant being built for the country’s largest chemical company, JSC Navoiyazot. This forced us to take a historical step in mechanical engineering: The first fully remotely supervised cold and hot commissioning of a compressor train using digital technology. The remote commissioning was made possible by the MAN CEON application, which monitors the compressor train’s operation around the clock, and the PrimeServ EyeTech support tool, an augmented reality app originally introduced by MAN Energy Solutions for remote servicing or to provide technical assistance during troubleshooting.

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Remote commissioning in Japan

In 2021, MAN Energy Solutions completed the remote commissioning, cold and hot, of the turbomachinery for a 50 MW biomass power generating plant. The customer was Mitsui E&S, based in Chiba, Japan, and the equipment included a DK050/30 steam turbine, a DG05/50 steam turbine, gear, generator, and auxiliary equipment. 

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Talk to our Experts

MAN has worldwide references in remote services and unmanned operation. We have a clear digital strategy for the autonomous operation of turbomachinery plants and digital solutions for the entire product life cycle. 
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