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TURBAIR®: Put your paper producing business on solid ground

In a rapidly changing industry, paper manufacturers must not only look to adjust their portfolio but also to reduce their energy costs, water consumption and environmental footprint.
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Powerful efficiency for paper production

Making paper requires process water and energy. Slash your production costs and environmental footprint with TURBAIR® vacuum systems from MAN Energy Solutions.

TURBAIR® vacuum blowers

Slash your production costs and environmental footprint with TURBAIR® vacuum systems from MAN Energy Solutions

By cutting consumption of energy and process water in the paper production flow, TURBAIR® supports your efforts to reduce tremendous OPEX and exceed environmental regulations. Make your business competitive and be a cut above the rest by employing our innovative technologies to your advantage. 

Depending on the type of paper you manufacture, the amount of vacuum and volume required for production will vary. The TURBAIR® system adapts dynamically to changing conditions to provide the exact volume and vacuum needed for a perfect result.

MAN Energy Solutions TURBAIR® vacuum systems are available in two versions: As a compact single-stage radial blower with a vacuum level of up to 65 kPa, or as a multi-stage radial blower with up to four vacuum levels with a maximum of 80 kPa. Both types are available with fixed or variable speed. 


How you benefit:

  • Suction flow rates up to 200,000 m3/h
  • Increased thermodynamic efficiencies of up to 83%
  • Heat recuperation equivalent of up to 75% of absorbed blower power
  • Adjustable vacuum levels at varying flow rates
  • No wearing parts, no water consumption, long service life
mio t
annual paper and board production expected by 2020
Asian share of global demand for paper and board in 2020
reduction in energy-related production costs with TURBAIR® vacuum systems

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PM3 of UPM Nordland Papier dramatically cuts noise and consumption of energy and water

Our solutions for the forest fiber and paper industry are designed to save water and energy and keep noise emissions low – helping our customers stay competitive while improving their overall environmental impact. 


Customer: Process industry 
Customer type:  Paper mill
Application:Combined heat & power for own 
consumption and grid
Location of installation:Germany
Blower type:One multi-stage blower type RC 80-4 and one single-stage blower type RT 56-1
Energy and heat savings:44% and 70%, respectively
Water savings:10.4 MWe and 9.1 MWtherm
Commercial operation:10 m3/h
MAN's scope of work:Replacement of existing vacuum system

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A vacuum system to keep your paper producing business competitive: TURBAIR®

If you’re looking to cut your energy costs and to reduce your environmental footprint, you should look at MAN Energy Solution’s TURBAIR® vacuum blower. Talk to us to find out how we support the pulp and paper business worldwide. 

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