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Compressors manufactured by MAN Energy Solutions sit at the heart of many processes in various process industries. Highly reliable, they need little maintenance and ensure minimal downtime. They are renowned worldwide for their quality as well as their high efficiency. They comply with all regulations and enable a solid return on investment.
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The MAN Energy Solutions compressor range for process industries

Axial compressors

These compressors sit at the center of several high-volume flow industrial applications such as in blast furnace blowers, propane dehydrogenation, air separation, fluid catalytic cracking and others.

  • Superior surge robustness
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Reduction of power consumption, in case intercooling is available 
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Integrally geared compressors

This multi-shaft centrifugal compressor allows for up to five pinions, depending on your individual requirements. These compressors typically stand for high efficiency and a low investment outlay.

  • Individually selectable impeller speed for optimum flow and costs
  • Up to three combined applications within one casing
  • Sealing and intercooling opportunities
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Isothermal compressors

These unique integrated coolers allow for extremely high efficiency and operational robustness. Their core application is in air separation plants.

  • Suitable for steam turbine direct drive
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact (cooler bundle integrated in casing)
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Process gas screw compressor: Oil-free

Applicable in a wide range of processes in the exploration and production, LNG, fuel gas, industrial gases and other industries. Suitable for onshore and offshore conditions and capable of compressing all gases except pure oxygen.

  • Suitable for polymerizing, contaminated (dust and droplets) or thermally unstable gases
  • High pressure ratio, excellent partial-load behavior, no risk of surge
  • Excellent 24-hour global aftersales support via PrimeServ
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Vacuum blowers

We have developed these compressors especially for the pulp and paper industry. Our TURBAIR® is available as a single blower with vacuum level up to 55 Kpa, or as a multi-stage blower with a maximum of four different vacuum levels up to 75 Kpa.

  • Highest thermodynamic efficiencies of up to 83%
  • Constant vacuum levels at varying flow rates
  • No water consumption\
  • Heat recuperation equivalent of up to 75% of absorbed blower power
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Centrifugal compressors

Available in horizontally split (RH) or barrel-type (RB) designs, these compressors are well-proven and are used in many industries, from chemicals to exploration and production, industrial gases and others.

  • Highest efficiency and proven impeller design
  • Predesigned sealing systems for easy assembly
  • Service-friendly design and easy maintenance
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    Get the best machinery for your carbon capture system. Explore our compression solutions for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

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MAN PrimeServ keeps your turbomachinery running

Our service engineers provide preventive maintenance, assist your troubleshooting, and get your facilities up and running in no time – wherever and whenever you need them. 

How you benefit: 

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support 

  • Bespoke service agreements 

  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Reliability more than
trouble-free continuous operation in refinery and other areas of application
High performance
M m³/hr
maximum volume flow
Flexibility up to
range of screw compressor sizes

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