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Process gas screw compressors

MAN Energy Solutions manufactures process gas screw compressors which serve a wide range of industrial applications and almost all gases. They are renowned worldwide for their quality as well as their high efficiency.
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Durability and reliability

Extremely heavy-duty industries need extremely hard-working compressors. Oil and gas, iron milling or petrochemical processes are intensive and downtimes expensive. Our process gas screw compressors can do the heavy lifting.

A displacement compressor you can rely on

Screw compressors for extreme conditions

Are you in the oil and gas, iron milling, chemical or petrochemical industry? Are you handling any kind of industrial gases under onshore or offshore conditions? Then you will be looking for extremely durable and reliable compressors which work in the toughest of environments. Investing in top technology ensures your competitive edge – downtimes for our process gas screw compressor are famously low. The fact that these are dry-running compressors allows for the utmost purity of our final products, whatever they may be.

Extreme process gas conditions require robust and reliable compressors. MAN Energy Solutions screw compressors are able to cope with extreme conditions and applications where reciprocating or centrifugal compressors cannot be used due to the impact of corrosion and erosion.


A heavy-duty compressor that works for you

Man Energy Solutions works closely with customers to ensure complete satisfaction

We engineer our oil-free process gas screw compressors especially for your industry and have been setting industry standards since 1952. The robust process gas screw compressors offered by MAN Energy Solutions can handle highly contaminated gases and gas mixtures that would normally reduce the availability and shorten the lifetime of other types of compressors. Wide fluctuations in gas composition and associated molecular weight do not influence a screw compressor's mechanical behavior. Relatively low tip speeds enable both the compression of dust-laden gases as well as the injection of liquids into the compression chamber for cooling and washing.

MAN Energy Solutions can offer a wide range of shaft seal arrangements to adapt the process gas screw compressors to any application. The modular design of the  compressor package allows for perfect adaption to any customer specification or space restrictions.


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more than
proven trouble-free operation in continuous service of one of our PGSCs
High performance
highest referenced discharge pressure
Flexibility up to
range of rotor diameters

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Looking for an extremely robust, modular and cost-effective compressor?

MAN Energy Solutions process gas screw compressors combine the tried and tested with the brand new. Find the compressor that suits your needs in heavy-duty industry. We provide you with a tailor-made solution for heavy-duty conditions in almost any application.

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