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Axial compressors

Compressors for high-volume flow industrial operations from the leading supplier in the market. Tailor-made for your business.
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An exceptional compressor

Tried and tested for over 80 years: MAN Energy Solutions axial compressors

From blast furnaces to nitric acid plants, from air separation to fluid catalytic cracking: Our heavy-duty axial compressors are found in many industries

MAN Energy Solutions offers various types of axial flow compressors to meet your specific needs in the air separation sector, the iron and steel industry and fertilizer business. A further market we serve in downstream processes is fluid catalytic cracking (FCC). Depending on your requirements, you can choose from the non-intercooled (AGM) or the non-intercooled (ARM) axial flow compressors. 

We are constantly working to improve and develop our axial compressor range and are proud to be the world’s leading supplier of such compressors, with over 1000 units in operation. 

Other industrial applications for axial compressors: 

  • Air separation plants and liquid natural gas
  • Propane dehydrogenation and fuel gas (low BTU) 
  • CO2 and CAES


The MAX1

A revolutionary product borne out of decades of experience, the MAX1 is a standardized axial/radial main air compressor equipped with the advanced MAX1 axial blading generation. It can deliver volume flows up to 1.5 million cubic meters per hour, pressures up to 25 bar and is uniquely compact, robust and efficient. Its wide chord blading allows for greatly increased ressistance to mechanical blade loads. It is a fully API compliant, standardized modular system with a simple layout and reduced number of parts. Great efficiency, easy maintenance. With its potential ranging from higher pressures for HP-ASU, to very large air compressor trains (7,000 t/d O2 and larger), the MAX1 is the smallest and lightest solution in the market. It is easy to transport, operates with optimized efficiency and is highly robust.

M m³/h
maximum volume flow for AR-MAX1
first MAN Energy Solutions axial/centrifugal compressor delivered
maximum discharge pressure

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