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Blast furnace blowers for higher energy efficiency

A key industry for the global economy, iron and steel production businesses are some of the most energy-intensive industries around. Steelmakers look to new energy-efficient technologies to reduce carbon emissions and meet the Paris Agreement objectives. MAN Energy Solutions supplies key technologies to achieve these goals.


    Capture your unavoidable emissions

    Our modular approach reduces project complexity and lead times, mitigates risks, and keeps down CAPEX. MAN CCUS features modular compression solutions for all available capture technologies.

    Go modular – towards net zero

Meet demand and decarbonise

The global hunger for steel is growing steadily. Steel mills must increase their output and satisfy environmental regulations at the same time. 

A booming global construction business and general demand from emerging economies for steel-based products are driving a steadily growing global demand for steel. To meet the needs of these markets, your industry must step up investments in steel mills. Using some of the most concentrated sources of carbon dioxide around makes the iron and steel sector one of the largest emitters of CO2

MAN Energy Solutions has developed a range of products and techniques to support you in your efforts to cut carbon emissions. We know that extreme efficiency in your compression processes supports you in running your business as profitably as possible whilst meeting demand without increasing your emissions.

annual global steel production
in 2018
increase in global steel production
since 2010
axial compressors implemented by
MAN Energy Solutions

World-leading supplier of high-efficiency axial air compressors

Compressors by MAN Energy Solutions work for your iron and steel business – with maximum precision. Our compressors deliver compressed air continuously and at a consistent level for each step in your process.

Large blast furnaces need powerful blowers with higher air flows to reduce iron ore to liquid iron. This process, which steel plants use to produce iron, requires especially efficient and robust air compressors. MAN Energy Solutions draws on its expertise and experience, gained from successful turbomachinery projects around the world, to bring energy-efficient solutions to iron and steel processes. 

MAX 1 compressor

production of iron and steel in action

If you’re looking to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions, upgrading to our MAN MAX1 standardised axial main air compressor is an excellent option. It comes with the next generation of axial compressor blading and is uniquely compact, robust, and efficient. This compressor can deliver volume flows up to 1.5  million cubic metres per hour and pressures up to 25 bar. Intercooled solutions are available, too.

Compared to conventional solutions, MAN MAX1 axial compressors and the related blading technology deliver greatly enhanced power density and performance, while exceeding expectations in terms of reliability. We achieved such advantages by combining advanced performance compressor technology with that of industrial large volume heavy duty compressors. The result is a system with significantly lower power consumption and a unique robustness across the entire operating range.

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Process gas screw compressors

Image of a process gas screw

With rotor diameters from 102 mm to 816 mm, MAN Energy Solutions offers the widest range of screw compressor sizes in the market. Engineered to demonstrate exceptional reliability even under the most challenging conditions, they also offer the largest in-field volume flow (100,000 m³/h). Our screw compressors have an excellent track record of trouble-free operation, giving you the adavantage of high availability.

Your benefits:

  • Largest in-field volume flow of up to 100,000 m³/ h
  • High reliability and availability regardless of gases containing dust or particles
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iron and steel application

MAN Energy Solutions also supplies the turbines needed to recover and use the top gas (the gas given off by the blast furnace). This mechanism recovers a considerable amount of energy and contributes to a greener process as no primary energy is required to power it.

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Power generation with blast furnace gases


Steel production in blast furnaces results in a considerable amount of by-product. We feel these by-products should be put to good use instead of going to waste. Blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, basic oxygen furnace gas and other by-products can all be used as fuel for the production of power or steam. Alternatively, they can be redirected into the blast furnace or used for the production of bioethanol. For power generation, they can be recovered and filtered and then burned in adapted gas turbines. This recovers the energy used for the blast furnace blower for the generation of electrical power. For increasing the pressure up to the point required at the inlet of the gas turbine combustion system, a furnace gas compression train is necessary.

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(Reformer) furnaces

iron and steel

Mostly manufactured out of CrMo steel, our reformer furnaces are in operation at refineries worldwide. For service, we make replacement tube bundles in our workshops which we ship directly to you for on-site assembly by our experts. We have over 20 years of experience in the manufacture and rehabilitation of furnaces. Our customers know they can expect minimal downtime and enjoy a high return on investment. Our experienced and resourceful experts take it as their mission to design an installation process which meets your needs, resulting in short turnaround time and safe execution.

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MAN PrimeServ keeps your turbomachinery running

Our service engineers provide preventive maintenance, assist your troubleshooting, and get your facilities up and running in no time – wherever and whenever you need them. 

How you benefit:

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support
  • Bespoke service agreements
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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of global steel is produced using
MAN Energy Solutions blowers

Additional blast furnace blower with latest MAX1 technology 

Fitted within the available space, this furnace blower was added for ensure process stability. The blower performs at optimum efficiency and needs minimal maintenance. It is known for its superior robustness. 


A global steel company

Country: Sweden
Application:Blast furnace blower
Project status:
In operation
Customer benefits:
  • Highest efficiency
  • Minimised space requirements
  • Superior robustness available on the market
MAN's scope of work:

Blast furnace blower with latest MAX1 technology


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