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Doing more with less 

From process industries to power generation, plants across sectors utilize engines and equipment in different ways to serve their respective markets best. But all share a common concern. From commissioning, you straddle the gap between designed capacity and the fast-evolving demand you need to meet.


Measure, analyze, evaluate, formulate

Replace, expand, or enhance? Improve flexibility to adjust output to a volatile market or expand capacity to meet greater demand – whichever strategy you pursue to maintain a competitive edge, you need to identify the best revamp solution to close the gap. The key to getting your capacity planning right is to secure competent decision-making support.  

Tap a source intimately familiar with your equipment and application: your OEM. At MAN PrimeServ, consulting engineers have unique insider insight into emerging technologies and performance reserves. This insight drives their feasibility studies. Measuring performance, analyzing processes, and evaluating machines and components, these experts identify capacity reserves, best-efficiency points, and broaden best-efficiency from point to range. Armed with their upgrade recommendations along with returns on investment calculated, you are perfectly positioned to formulate a plan on how to best deliver on recalibrated plant targets.

Join our MAN ExpertTalk for a full picture of your capacity optimization options

Find out how to identify the upgrade solutions with the highest potential to boost value creation in your application in the face of high market volatility.

This MAN ExpertTalk gives you an overview of revamp solutions, spotlighting how they benefit capacity optimization and drive your business goals as a whole.

  • Leverage a portfolio of the latest sustainability enhancing technologies from the R&D departments of an original equipment manufacturer
  • Get access to experts from dedicated engineering and consulting departments who specialize in upgrading machine trains and engines
  • Simplify your processes with OEM-level full-train capabilities available as a one-stop service
  • Rely on our expertise: We evaluate your compliance with the laws, standards, and regulations and offer actionable recommendations

Enter our MAN ExpertTalk

Visit our PrimeServ SolutionAdvisor to identify the upgrade solutions matching to your operational priorities, download product information, and make more informed decisions driving your overall business strategy:

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