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On-site recovery solutions for marine engines

No matter how hard we all work to prevent a critical breakdown — breakdowns do happen. MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery is the team to get your vessel back in operation – fast, dependable and on-call worldwide.
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Need to get back in service quickly?

Operating around the clock 365 days a year, we will come up with an effective solution

How you benefit

  • Tap into more than 65 years of OEM experience to solve problems against the odds
  • Trust the outcome of repairs: We recover equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our services are certified to the standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001
  • Leverage our cross-manufacturer expertise: We service equipment from every manufacture


A full portfolio of on-site recovery solutions

Rely on the specialists of MAN PrimeServ to minimize downtime and prevent off-hire expenses. Our portfolio of services, specialized knowledge, and tools covers the full spectrum of in-situ work, from the small repair of a broken stud to the recovery of an entire crankshaft:

  • Crankshaft recovery – machining and polishing
  • Bearing line recovery – in-situ line boring
  • Stud & thread recovery – milling and placing of the insert
  • Cylinder cover recovery – in-situ machining and welding
  • Cast iron recovery – metal stitching, metalocking

Crankshaft recovery

Recovery of crankpin or main journal – in-situ machining and polishing

Our recovery specialists can recover a single journal or an entire crankshaft. Employing the most effective in-situ machining methods and specialized tools, we remove hardness and cracks from affected areas. Superfining and hand polishing ensure a perfect surface contact to the new bearings. From measuring to testing and blue marking, we perform quality assurance through all recovery stages.

Main bearing saddle recovery – in-situ machining

Fixing the geometry of the main bearing saddle after a bearing failure can take an engine out of service for as long as six months.  We can save you valuable time by machining your main bearing saddle in-situ in your MAN two-stroke engine – we are the only team worldwide capable of doing so.

Customized recovery solutions

Our solutions are as outstanding as the challenges you face

In addition to the recovery solutions in our comprehensive portfolio, we also tailor solutions for customers facing a more unique challenge. Whether it’s the scale, complexity, or subject-matter that’s unusual, the common denominator is a damaged – or faulty – large metal component or construction that is difficult to replace or transport to a workshop.

A powerful combination of experienced on-site specialists, technical design and specialized tools

We are uniquely suited to tackle even the most unusual tasks. We assess the challenge, come up with a solution, even develop the tools, if required, and do the job fast, effective, and on-spec. Challenge us!

Find out more about customized recovery

experienced on-site recovery specialists ready to travel to your vessel - around the globe
Our extensive range of on-site recovery solutions cover marine engines of any type and size
employees at MAN PrimeServ serve customers around the globe

Fully operational engine in just two weeks despite ridge wear on every crankpin

MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery helped a customer remove ridge wear on a small-bore four-stroke engine. All six crankpins showed ridge wear to the degree that required machining. At the same time, however, the repair was to remove as little material as possible. A team of four on-site recovery specialists successfully removed one millimeter of material from each of the six crankpins. After in-situ machining, we polished the crankpins by hand, tested for roughness, and blue marked to assure sufficient contact surface to the new undersize bearings.

Customer typeMarine vessel
EngineFour-stroke small bore
ServiceCrankpin machining
Work scope of MAN PrimeServIn-situ machining to remove ridge wear from six crankpins followed by hand-polishing and blue marking


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How can we help you?

We recover equipment and engines of any type, size, and manufacturer. Whether the damage is rather common or unusual, we come up with a solution. Find out exactly what it will take to get your vessel back in operation: Challenge us now!

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