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We at MAN PrimeServ build future-oriented yet robust service solutions that deliver both immediate and long-term value. We have the proven track record of delivering excellence in service solutions and technical expertise to help you get the most out of your exisiting assets and protect your bottom line. Get to know our new and special service solutions from our comprehensive portfolio of MAN PrimeServ.

  • One-hundret-thousand running hours

    One Hundred Thousand Running Hours

    How far can an engine take a ship? The answer is – with the right engine – very far indeed. So far that an impressive number of engines from MAN Energy Solutions have achieved this magical threshold of over 100,000 operating hours. What is special about this? A car that is driven 10,000 km in one year may reach 200 to 300 operating hours. You would therefore need over 300 years to achieve 100,000 operating hours in this way.

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  • tbo-teaser

    TBO extension from MAN PrimeServ

    The cost pressure is high in the maritime industry: The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in radical changes and the need for increased flexibility and reduced costs.

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  • EEXI


    What can you do as a shipowner or manager? Learn here what MAN PrimeServ retrofit as your trusted partner can offer you to stay both, compliant & competitive.

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  • key-visual_man-fluid-monitor

    MAN Fluid Monitor

    Monitor your engine lube oil condition in real-time. Act before failure happens.

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  • Coversion-to-dual-fuel-opersation-for-the-Sajir_720x405

    Dual-fuel conversion | two-stroke engines | MAN PrimeServ

    Take advantage of optimal fuel prices and maximize the investment value of your vessel with a dual-fuel retrofit conversion from MAN PrimeServ

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