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MAN PrimeServ - Global Authorized Service Provider for the CENTA product line

Regal Rexnord | CENTA and MAN PrimeServ, two companies with long and rich histories in the marine and power industry, are partnering to improve the value delivered to customers in the industry.  MAN PrimeServ is a global Authorized Service Provider for the CENTA product line, enhancing the competencies of the entire MAN PrimeServ service network as well as improving the service level toward our customers. 

A flexible coupling is a mechanical element composed of rubber elements. It is installed on a 4-stroke engine and connects two shafts together to transmit torque while allowing for some degree of misalignment and angular movement. A flexible coupling additionally reduces the stress and wear on the shafts and other components in the system by dampening vibration. 

Available in a variety of materials and configurations, CENTA couplings accommodate many different applications and industries. Size, geometry, and material characteristics are relevant for the transmission of the torque. The variation in operational conditions will inevitably affect elements during operations.

When to service CENTA flexible couplings?

Rubber is a natural material that hardens over time and loses its flexibility. For that reason, carrying out an annual inspection of the condition of the rubber is recommended by the OEM according to the following intervals:

  • after 1,000 operating hours
  • after 4,000 operating hours
  • Thereafter every 6,000 operating hours or annually (whichever is earlier)

The periodical inspection of the couplings, according to manufacturers’ recommendations as stated above, is required by the relevant classification societies. After 10 years or 50,000 running hours, it is recommended that the rubber segment of the coupling is replaced.

Why service flexible couplings?

Risks of delayed servicing of CENTA couplings:

    • Exposure of the drive train and all connected system components to stresses beyond their limits
    • Premature wear and tear on components in the drive train
    • Failure of the bearings in driving and driven parts
    • In case of failure, the lead time for the rubber component replacement can be more than 8 weeks

    Our services:

    • Annual inspection of CENTA couplings product line
    • Rubber element replacement services and repairs for entire CENTA product line
    • Original spare part kits
    • Alignment checks, including the foundation of engine arrangement or propulsion line
    • Replacement of resilient mountings
    • All services are carried out by expert MAN engineers

    Download the latest CENTA service letter

    The service life expectation of a couplings rubber element is approximately 10 years, depending on environmental circumstances and changes in alignment of the setup. In the service letter below we offer in-depth information regarding CENTA coupling inspection.

    Download service letter

    Why MAN PrimeServ?

    • A single global point of contact for the servicing of engines, flexible couplings, turbochargers, and other auxiliary equipment
    • Technical competence that allows for better troubleshooting and goes beyond looking at the coupling itself
    • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply chain
    • MAN PrimeServ warranty. Terms and conditions apply
    • The inspection and replacement of a flexible coupling can be performed in the same service interval as the overhaul of an engine
    • Minimal flight and hotel costs for field engineers since our service centers offer total geographic coverage 


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    In addition to CENTA flexible coupling, MAN PrimeServ provides servicing for your critical equipment and components in the engine room, regardless of OEM. 

    Are you in need of urgent servicing on your fleet or plant?

    Call your nearest service center.


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    Resource Hub

    • Centa Product Leaflet Final
      pdf, 435 KB
    • CENTA coupling identification
      pdf, 418 KB

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