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Maximizing renewable resources with MAN ETES

MAN ETES is an effective, flexible solution that addresses many of the challenges involved in reducing CO2 emissions and increasing renewable energy production – by coupling the electricity, heating and cooling sectors.
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MAN ETES – a versatile energy storage solution for all sectors

Powerful MAN ETES technology effectively converts energy for multiple purposes

MAN ETES is a large-scale trigeneration energy storage and management system for the simultaneous storage, use and distribution of electricity, heat and cold – a real all-rounder.

Heating and cooling account for 48% of all global energy consumption and 39% of all CO2 emissions – because only 10% of this energy comes from renewable sources. To reduce emissions and decarbonize the whole energy industry, it is crucial to develop solutions which consider all sectors, not just electricity generation.  

Electro-thermal energy storage (MAN ETES) systems couple the electricity, heating and cooling sectors, converting electrical energy into thermal energy. This can then be used for heating or cooling, or reconverted into electricity. MAN ETES works with environmentally friendly process media, producing thermal energy from renewables without emissions. These solutions are ideal for mid- to large-scale thermal and electrical customers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. 

MAN ETES maximizes the use of renewable resources

MAN ETES from MAN Energy Solutions is a highly efficient trigeneration energy system, providing heating, cooling and electricity on demand to a variety of industries . This scalable and carbon-neutral solution helps balance the grid by absorbing large amounts of surplus or off-peak electricity from renewables and feeding it back into the grid on demand. 

MAN Energy Solutions provides the complete solution with system support from ABB. MAN ETES can be built as a stand-alone system, or it can be integrated into other facilities. It has a modular design, making it possible to configure the system to specific customer needs. Location-independent and environmentally friendly, MAN ETES is ideal for process industries, data centers, power producers, utilities and large facilities.

How you benefit: 

  • Integrated heating, cooling and electricity system 
  • Very low environmental impact 
  • Versatile, scalable solution 
  • High availability 


of thermal heat per day possible
export temperature levels, flexible to meet specific customer needs

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