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MAN heat pumps decarbonize industrial heat

Heat pumps are well known for being an eco-friendly way of heating or cooling homes. Used in an industrial context, they not only save fuel costs, but can contribute to making a company’s heat supplycarbon neutral and open up new business opportunities.

A basic MAN heat pump system generates inexpensive and clean heat and cold. A more elaborate solution adds storage capacity for the heat and cold. At the highest level, the MAN electro-thermal energy storage system (MAN ETES) offers heat production, storage, and reconversion into electricity. It is, in effect, a complete energy management system that also allows the sector integration of energy.

0 - 150 °C Temperature supply range
Output capacity thermal (heat and cold)

Decarbonize your business with MAN heat pumps

Heat pumps are an important technology in the context of successful decarbonization of the heat supply for businesses and communities.

Instead of burning fuel for heating and cooling purposes, heat pumps make efficient use of manifold heat sources such as: lakes, rivers, sea, waste water, industrial waste heat, geothermal or ambient air. Another option is to use electricity from renewable resources to drive the heat pumps, which makes the heat supply completely carbon-neutral.

With an MAN ETES heat pump system, you get the most advanced version of the electro-thermal energy storage system. The principle of the technology is the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy, which is stored in the form of hot water and ice in insulated reservoirs. The electro-thermal process not only allows the distribution of the generated heat and cold to users as needed, but also offers the option of converting it back into electricity. This means it can compensate for fluctuations in the electricity grid or be used for sector coupling business opportunities: The MAN ETES system is an excellent way to accelerate the decarbonization process.

Heat pumps at a glance


Built to your scale


Scalability and modularity make heat pumps suitable for many applications:

  • Process industries (including chemicals, petrochemicals, metal, food & beverages, paper, wood, rubber & plastic, textile, machinery & equipment) can enjoy cost-efficient carbon-neutral energy for industrial processes that need intensive heat, cold, and electricity.
  • Municipal, urban, and large facilities can provide district heating and warm water for urban quarters, small towns, and large facilities like airports, universities or shopping malls.
  • Data centers can reduce CO2 emissions and electricity costs with a direct supply of cooling energy. Participating in the power markets opens up new revenue streams.
  • Power producers and utilities can balance the supply and demand of renewable energy while providing hot and cold thermal energy.


Flexible use of resources


Heat pumps require a heat source in addition to electricity from a grid. The external heat source provides the energy to generate the thermal power output – which is many times higher than the electrical power input. To achieve performance on the scale of an ETES system, water or other liquid energy sources are used. Oceans, rivers or lakes can all serve as such a source.

The entire process becomes even more efficient and environmentally friendly when industrial waste heat is used. When available, geothermal energy is also a good heat source. The system is scalable, site-independent, has a minimal environmental impact, and can be tailor-made for specific applications.


Configured to your needs

componentstThe simplest configuration of an MAN heat pump consists of the MAN HOFIM compressor, an expander and heat exchangers. It can provide up to 80 MW of thermal power.

The next level adds storage, in the form of one or more hot water tanks and a cold water or ice tank. This means you can store the generated energy for several days and can make it available at any time.

The complete MAN ETES system is capable of feeding back a significant part of the electrical energy fed into the HOFIM compressor. This is done using a power turbine which converts the heat back into electrical energy via a generator.

Danish city decarbonizes heat supply with MAN ETES

Danish utility company DIN Forsyning has commissioned us to supply a turnkey technology solution for heat generation, featuring two ETES heat pump systems. The system will replace the current coal-fired plant and will supply around 100,000 local inhabitants with approximately 235,000 MWh of emission-free heat annually.

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