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Burmeister & Wain has produced diesel engines since 1846 and became MAN B&W Diesel AG in 1980. Sweden was one of the countries building B&W diesel engines on license.

It all started at Götaverken in Gothenburg 1915, when Götaverken had the exclusive rights in Sweden to produce the B&W engines. The last ship equipped with B&W engines was delivered by Götaverken in 1946.

Since 1953 MAN Energy Solutions Sweden has serviced the marine industry in Sweden with project-and technical support as well as spare parts. From May 2008 we also offer technical service of marine engines under the worldwide brand of MAN PrimeServ. With our workshop and professional expertise, we provide service for all sizes of engines, ranging from the smallest MAN High speed engine to the largest Low speed engine. In 2016 MAN Energy Solutions acquired Cryo AB which was merged into the Swedish MAN Energy Solutions organization and are today offering a wide range of cryogenic fuel solutions to the global market.

Götaverken started to produce B&W engines in Sweden
Burgmeister & Wain became MAN B&W Diesel
MAN Energy Solutions acquired Cryo AB

MAN Cryo

Preferred partner for storage and handling of LNG and natural gas

MAN Cryo has a broad product line of equipment for LNG, both on-shore and off-shore applications. It includes Marine LNG Fuel Gas Systems with more than 30 systems operating to date, LNG Bunkering Systems for bunker vessels and for On-Shore installation. Our experience and product portfolio allows us to supply equipment for all your Marine LNG needs. We have the expertise to customize designs to your requirements.

Our main products for LNG applications are:

  • Marine fuel gas system
  • SystemsOff-Shore and On-Shore Bunkering SystemsStationary
  • Distribution System for Regasification or Fuel Filling


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