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MAN Energy Solutions’ turbochargers are developed to deliver full performance under harsh conditions throughout their entire working lives. MAN turbocharger technology enables exceptional flexibility when striving to find the perfect blend of performance and energy efficiency. Aligning turbocharger specifications with engine requirements plays a key role, however. But it is not just about the maximum possible product ratings – it is about the best fit.
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Full range of MAN turbochargers

Explore our turbochargers’ possibilities and key facts.

Find your perfect fit: Our range of turbochargers

With its new TCT turbocharger series, MAN Energy Solutions has designed a turbocharger especially suited to two-stroke engines.

  • 7,500 - 24,030 kW

Exponential turbocharging

With the TCX series, MAN Energy Solutions has developed a turbocharger especially suited to two-stage turbocharging of four-stroke diesel and gas engines.

  • 24,390 - 40,980 rpm
  • 8,500 - 23,900 kW


The latest generation of MAN TCR turbochargers offers reduced size and weight while delivering greater efficiency, performance, and reliability.

  • 85,000 - 24,000 rpm
  • 300 - 7,500 kW

MAN TCA turbochargers are high-performance solutions characterized by simple maintenance and long overhaul intervals.

  • 28,300 - 12,000 rpm
  • 2,700 - 30,000 kW

The economical one

The NR/S is designed to be the most economical choice for heavy fuel oil engines. It is equipped with a radial turbine instead of an axial turbine.

  • 26,300 - 75,000 rpm
  • 670 - 5,400 kW

Strong performance worldwide

Low- and high-speed turbocharger output range

MAN turbochargers are in operation on more than 65,000 two-stroke propulsion and four-stroke auxiliary and propulsion engines running on MDO, HFO, and gas. The range covers engine outputs from 600 kW up to 30,000 kW per turbocharger and are specially matched to every engine. We develop and build our turbochargers to make installation, operation, servicing, and maintenance as easy and efficient as possible. This reduces your initial capital investment and results in lower life cycle costs.

engines are served by MAN turbochargers worldwide
MAN turbochargers run for more than 225,000,000 OH per year

Explore our interactive marine propulsion systems

Click here to access our Interactive Product Experience and see how MAN marine products enable a ship to operate on sea efficiently and reliably. Each of the products shown have their own key features displayed in 3D and explained. Explore our two-stroke main engine, GenSets, turbocharger, CP propeller and control system and our innovative digital offering “PrimeServ Assist”.
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MAN PrimeServ: 24/7 service and support worldwide, 365 days a year

Join the more than 65,000 turbochargers that are looked after by MAN PrimeServ – providing a unique one-stop service for engines and turbochargers around the globe. Our technicians are always available to answer questions, assist in troubleshooting, and get your turbochargers up and running in no time – wherever and whenever you need them.  

How you benefit: 

  • Fast, reliable, and expert customer support
  • Prompt 24-hour OEM spare part delivery
  • Individual O&M contracts
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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