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Managing gas transportation supply and gas storage 

From extraction to point of use, natural gas travels through pipelines. These pipelines can reach thousands of kilometers in length. To offset the natural pressure losses during transportation, pipelines require a compressor station every 200 km or so. MAN Energy Solutions supplies the compressors and drives, such as gas turbines and electric motors, that are required for reliable transportation. We also offer gas storage solutions to increase the flexibility of your operation.

Expert natural gas transportation and storage

Gas compressors and drives for your business

Natural gas is the most climate-friendly of fossil fuels. Gas pipelines cover thousands of kilometres, transporting the gas to the end customer. To keep the pressure required for transportation at an operable level throughout the journey, gas pipelines are equipped with gas compressors at regular intervals. These compressors must work extremely reliably with little maintenance requirements. Seasonal variability of gas demand results in surplus gas that is withdrawn from the pipeline and compressed, stored and then taken from gas storage facilities at times of peak demand. Compressors are used to store and tap the gas in the storage facility.  

The necessary capacity and flexibility in operation of the storage facility is guaranteed by the use of complete machinery trains. 

MAN Energy Solutions delivers the compressor sets driven by gas turbines or electrical motors required for all these purposes. Our products are highly flexible and can be adapted to your individual business needs. We offer both centrifugal pipeline compressors  for natural gas transport and high-speed hermetically sealed, emission-free compressors such as MOPICO® or HOFIM™. 

The combination of a gas turbines driving a pipeline compressor is the perfect arrangement in a natural gas pipeline network. These compressor stations can work independently of any electrical infrastructure because the natural gas is used as the gas turbine’s fuel.

global gas traded via pipeline by 2022
pressure in gas transmission pipelines

MAN Energy Solutions for pipeline and gas storage 

Centrifugal pipeline compressors

centrifugal pipeline compressor

On the market for over 40 years, our conventional pipeline compressors cover a wide range of operations, are flexible and efficient and suitable for all common drivers. They are available in various frame sizes, are fully API- and NACE-compliant and require little maintenance. Continuous product development, tailored design features and a broad operating range as well as other distinguished characteristics make these compressor an all-time favorites.

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MOPICO compressorOur MOPICO® hermetically sealed compact compressor with integrated high-speed motor and magnetic bearings is an important element in the transportation of gas. It is a unique, state-of-the-art, integrated motor-driven pipeline compression system. The simple, compact and cost-effective design concept results in a highly reliable and largely maintenance-free system with high efficiencies over the complete operating range.

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Sealed HOFIM® compressors

HOFIM compressor

Our HOFIM® line of compressors is suitable for us in the most extreme environments and benefits from MECOS Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) technology. They are ideally suited for gas storage and gas transport. They benefit from unlimited start/stop capability and an excellent part load performance. Extremely reliable, the HOFIM® compressors ensure your operations run with minimal downtime, saving you costs and increasing efficiency.

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Gas Turbine

Gas turbine

MAN Energy Solutions benefits from more than two decades of industrial gas turbine experience and expert application knowledge. Our reliable, efficient, state-of-the art industrial gas turbines are engineered and produced in Germany. They are used as mechanical drives in the oil and gas industry as well as at small energy supply companies and independent power producers.

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Energy storage

energy storage

Energy storage goes beyond gas storage. Other forms of energy storage are playing a growing role. We provide the technology for a number of innovative energy storage solutions that are of interest to you: MAN BESS (battery energy storage system), MAN ETES (electro-thermal energy storage), MAN PtX (power-to-X) or LAES (liquid air energy storage). 

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MAN PrimeServ keeps your turbomachinery running

Our service engineers provide preventive maintenance, assist your troubleshooting, and get your facilities up and running in no time – wherever and whenever you need them. 

How you benefit:

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  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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compressors delivered for gas transportation and gas storage
gas turbines shipped for compressor stations
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MOPICO® and HOFIM® in action

Mallnow compressor station

Pipeline compressors installed in Germany

The concept for the Mallnow station, provides for waste heat from the gas turbine driven units to be used to operate an additional steam turbine unit. This increases the station’s aggregate output by almost a quarter without consuming additional energy.

Plant Mallnow, Germany
Client A large German natural gas supplier
Duty Centrifugal pipeline compressors
Compressor type

3x RV08 centrifugal pipeline compressors

1 centrifugal pipeline compressor


3x MAN FT8® gas turbines

1x MAN DK 63/130 steam turbine 

Gas handled Natural gas

4M m3/ h at standard stetting 

 Maximum operating pressure 100 bar 
 Power 3x 26 MW


HOFIM compressor installed
Client Natural gas storage company in Europe
Duty Gas storage compressor
Compressor type

2 tandem HOFIM® RB 45-5 + RB 45-5

1 tandem HOFIM® 35-5 +RB 35-5  



1 MAN M33 / ABB VFD 

Frame size RB 45-5 + RB 45-5 / RB 35-5 + RB 35-5
Gas handled Export gas

2x 14,000 kW / 1x 7,500 kW

2x 18,770 hp / 1x 7,500 hp 

 Speed 2x 9048 rpm / 1x 11,429 rpm 
 Seal type None, hermetically sealed unit


Pipeline Compressor Refernce
Plant A customer in the Baltics
Duty Pipeline compressor
Compressor type 2 MOPICO® RM40 
Driver MAN M33 ABB VFD
Frame size RM40
Handled gas Natural gas 450/798 psi
 Power  ~7.800 kW, ~10.500 hP
 Speed ~11.400 rpm  
 Seal type None, hermetically sealed unit 

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