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Digitalization in the marine, energy storage and process industries

In the digital age, machinery generates vast quantities of data every day. Digital tools and services enable you to use this data and profit from the many advantages. For example, avoid downtime, optimize performance through data analysis and anticipate your future needs

Our latest digital infrastructure technology supports you in gathering data. With our advanced analytics, real-time interpretation of it becomes easy and overall, you reduce your environmental footprint.

We at MAN Energy Solutions therefore enable you to increase the efficiency, reliability and maintenance of your MAN products. By introducing our digital key products MAN CEON and PrimeServ Assist, we created a comprehensive digital ecosystem that allows us to collect, combine and evaluate relevant data. This databased ecosystem is our digital backbone and the base for new digital customer centric solutions of the future.

Benefits of digitalization



Our solutions help to give your equipment a cleaner and more sustainable profile. We achieve this through savings on fuel oil consumption or reducing the methane-slip of gas engines for example.

With our digital products, you have a clear overview of how your vessels or plants work and what you can improve. This way, you meet all current and future regulations while reducing your overall environmental impact.

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Asset availability and its predictability are key to a successful business. Thanks to operational intelligence you can maximize the uptime of your asset and always have a good overview of all relevant data monitoring the systems.

In addition, our digital solutions help you avoid making your equipment obsolete over time, as we offer the possibility to constantly renew it



Higher fuel costs and increased exhaust emissions regulations are major challenges of today’s industries. Our portfolio offers a wide range of technologies and solutions that will help optimize asset performance in terms of emissions, economy and operation.

The digital solutions help you meet your efficiency targets by optimizing OPEX and fuel consumption. For new assets as well as for existing equipment via our retrofit solutions.



Reliably minimizing risks and guaranteeing safety in an increasingly complex industry is challenging. Thanks to sophisticated monitoring of asset data, we help you avoid unplanned downtime and maximize both reliability and predictability of your equipment.

Our data-driven insights maximize safety while providing smart processes, smooth operation and predictive maintenance services

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Cybersecurity is our highest priority. Our digital eco-system is designed to protect your company’s sensitive information as well as all asset-related data. We help you shield your network against cyberattacks to keep your staff and equipment safe while also lowering the risk of service disruptions. All thanks to our state-of-the-art software and hardware.

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Digitalization in different industries

Different industrial segments require different approaches. Industrial digitalization looks very different in marine, energy and storage, and process industry.

Digital solutions for the marine industry

To promote a more interactive cooperation with ship owners and crews, maritime digitalization is key. We at MAN Energy Solutions use digital innovations for that. Together, we make sure that your systems are always running. Our digital solutions increase the efficiency, safety and availability of MAN products throughout the marine industry.

For example, MAN PrimeServ Assist  is a  proactive maintenance and repair service by MAN. With this remote service solution, you get instant, accurate notifications, updates and advice on your fleet or industrial equipment while they are in service

MAN CEON is our cloud-based customer-user interface for the MAN PrimeServ Assist digital services which provide all data and information on MAN products. This digital platform is accessible on any verified device with an internet connection.

Learn more about our digital solutions for the marine industry

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schematic drawing of energy & storage solutions

Digital solutions for Energy & Storage

Energy digitalization is one of the key enablers of the transition towards flexible carbon neutral energy systems. Also, it can help save power generation costs.

With energy production becoming increasingly diverse, there is an ever-growing need for intelligent energy management systems that respond to fluctuations of renewable energy and market price signals. Our energy management systems allow for optimized, cost-efficient and reliable operation of your power plant solutions wherever and whenever needed.

Our PrimeServ Assist digital services provide the crucial insights on how to increase equipment efficiency and leverage optimization potentials, thus directly enhancing plant profitability.

Digital solutions for Oil & Gas and the Process Industry

The oil and gas business, chemical or materials industries can and will benefit from the power hidden in the vast quantities of data produced and harvested every single day. MAN Energy Solutions has the expertise to put the data to good use for our customers’ success. Thanks to smart services for the oil and gas digitalization, we can guarantee to avoid downtime, analyze performance and anticipate future needs.

With our digital service agreements, we take the digital capabilities of our customers’ facilities to the next level. PrimeServ Assist e.g. includes remote diagnostics, anomaly detection, while our digital twinning approach offers benefits like individual software solutions with improved quality, simulation-based operator training, increased efficiency and reduced commissioning time. Another aspect is remote operation. With PrimeServ Assist, you can monitor your plant remotely from anywhere in the world and we can detect problems and solve them without having to fly to you.

Learn more about Digitalization in the Oil & Gas Industry


MAN Energy Solutions Digitalization technologies

MAN Energy Solutions offers you various digitalization tools to increase your efficiency. 


Frequently asked questions about digitalization in the industry

What is digitalization?

Digitalization means the process of transforming  workflows using digital technologies. An easy example are paper lists that are replaced through lists on tablets or smartphones. They make it easier for different people to work together in the same document even at the same time. But this also requires new rules for the process. Generally speaking, business processes are changed as digital technologies are used to work together. Most of the time this change improves efficiency and makes it easier to work together even if people are far away. The same principle counts for products that can be easily monitored through digital sensors.

Why is digitalization important?

Digitalization provides a company with the opportunity to discover new business fields and increase profitability. New value chains and processes can be created to make the work easier and more efficient.

Digitization vs. Digitalization - What is the difference?

Digitization and digitalization are sometimes used for the same cases. In reality, they describe different processes. 

Digitization: the process of translating an object into bits and bytes, for example scanning a picture to have it available on the computer. 

Digitalization: the process of transforming business workflows with the use of digital technologies.

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