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MAN Energy Solutions: Pioneering Decarbonization

At MAN Energy Solutions, we pioneer solutions for the world’s largest industries, engineering change for the better. For more than 250 years, we have brought about some of the most impactful innovations in advanced engineering and complex systems always considering a challenge within the larger context and searching for solutions that advance sustainable progress for all. 

This experience has prepared us well for what is, without a doubt, our biggest challenge yet:  Together with our customers, we are determined to make the fight against climate change the future of our business growth. Catering to sectors that are essential to the world economy, we offer systems to bring down emissions that are considered hard to abate.

We are radically rethinking the status quo and our own product portfolio, dedicating ourselves to being pioneers of decarbonization in shipping, energy and industrial production. From future-facing key technologies to industry-leading digital solutions and a continuously developing core portfolio – we have the experience, the technology and the passion to get this job done. 

We have the opportunity to decarbonize industries that are crucial for the world economy. That’s why we get out of bed every morning. 

Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO MAN Energy Solutions

Our decarbonization mission in figures

Together with our customers, we are determined to make the fight against climate change the future of our business growth. To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we must reduce emissions by two thirds in this decade.

of global CO2 emissions could be saved through the use of our technologies
of our solutions will be green by 2030
reduction of CO2 emissions from our production sites until 2030

Frequently asked questions

What is decarbonization?

The definition of decarbonization is reducing and eventually avoiding the emission of carbon dioxide. This is related to climate change and the use of fossil fuels. Decarbonization therefore includes the transformation to renewable energy sources

Why is decarbonization important?

As decarbonization is directly linked to climate change, it helps to reduce the temperature rise and other casualties related to the emission of greenhouse gases. By integrating decarbonization into your workflows, you contribute to lowering emissions, and work more sustainably.

What are decarbonization benefits?

Benefits of decarbonization are:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Reliance on renewable energies that won’t vanish in the future
  • Enhancement of your reputation and brand image

How does decarbonization work?

Decarbonization works differently depending on the decarbonization strategy and the circumstances. Some industries work best with alternative fuels in  engines, like methanol or ammonia. Others use solar panels or wind energy directly. Generally speaking, you substitute fossil fuel with renewable energy. Most of the time, that’s done step by step, continuously reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases until you don’t produce any.

What is decarbonization technology?

Examples of decarbonization technology are direct electrification, green hydrogen, Power-to-X and heat pumps.

Green Hydrogen, for example, is crucial for decarbonization. It has the possibility of becoming the main future fuel for ships or power plants.

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Decarbonization in the industry

MAN Energy Solutions offers dedicated technologies for the different industries.

Decarbonization in shipping can be achieved through the use of synthetic fuels generated from renewable energy sources.

For decarbonization in the energy sector, Power-to-X is a common example, as well as low-emission engine technologies such as combined heat and power plants.

Decarbonization in the industrial sector is especially connected to carbon capture and storage (CCS).  MAN Energy Solutions provides technologies for small- and large-scale industrial plants to reduce emissions

Articles about decarbonization with MAN Energy Solutions

Learn more about how MAN Energy Solutions pursues decarbonization.

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    The Haru Oni demonstration plant could pave the way for a viable alternative to fossil fuels: It produces synthetic e-fuels from hydrogen that can help the fight against climate change. MAN Energy Solutions provided the e-methanol reactor to the plant.

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    Esbjerg Heat Pump

    How a seaport town in Denmark is decarbonizing district heating with seawater and large-scale industrial heat pumps.

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Our innovative portfolio for your decarbonization

Our portfolio helps customers reduce emissions, use energy more efficiently, and leverage green fuel alternatives. With a wide range of key future technologies, industry-leading digitalization services, and a broad portfolio of products made to last, we are well-equipped to provide sustainable answers to today’s climate challenges.


Read about our latest developements

Decarbonization is a multifaceted topic. Learn more about the newest decarbonization processes and strategies, and how MAN Energy Solutions is contributing to a green, carbon-neutral future.