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Powering clean energy generation and shipping

As large ocean-going vessels cannot be electrified with batteries or fuel cells, they still need to rely on combustion engines on their journey towards a climate-neutral future. Green shipping is possible, however, by decarbonizing the fuels used in internal combustion engines. We are spearheading technologies like fuel-flexible engines and propulsion systems that will contribute to a carbon-neutral future.

For future power generation we focus on future-proof gas- and dual-fuel engines that can be operated with increasing proportions of green hydrogen and other climate-neutral fuels. 

Our retrofitting technology rebuilds ship and power plant engines into dual-fuel machines. This extends their life cycles and is thus essential for the energy transition.

more than 100 MAN B&W ME-LGIM engines running on methanol on order
of hydrogen can be blended into the gas mix used in MAN 35/44G gas engines
is the market launch of a MAN two-stroke ammonia engine

Our highlights for flexible and sustainable technology

MAN Energy Solutions’ attractive marine and energy generation solutions offer power, flexibility, and efficiency. This allows you to meet growing demands for sustainability, low emissions, and high reliability. Explore our dual-fuel two-stroke MAN B&W ME-LGIM and ME-GI engines as well as powerful and dynamic gas engines like the MAN 35/44G that are ready to be used with future fuels and perfect for CHP and hybrid power plants.


Driving the energy transition on land and sea

MAN Energy Solutions is helping shape the future of the marine and energy industries by developing engines which run on the green fuels that will play a crucial role in decarbonization and the energy transition. We have been a pioneer and active driver of the Maritime Energy Transition for many years and are now greatly ramping up the use of green fuels in shipping. The company’s innovative combined heat and power (CHP) plants maximize every drop of fuel by converting waste heat into energy. This way, they can serve many thermal applications – from industrial to district heating.

Green energy in use

MAN Energy Solutions technology is in use throughout the world. These three examples illustrate the range of activities where the company’s green engines and future fuels have been successfully implemented

  • Decarbonize now with LNG-to-power

    Do you know that LNG is the fuel for change?

    LNG-to-power is a perfect way to transition to clean energy production. LNG is already much cleaner than other fossil fuels and is a reliable partner for renewables. And that’s just the start: With LNG infrastructure in place, the future looks even cleaner, because you are ready for CO2-neutral synthetic natural gas.

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  • Industrial heat pumps

    Do you want to rethink your economic and eco-friendly way?

    Our heat pumps provide a solution for decarbonized heat and cold production that is economic and eco-friendly, scalable and efficient. This white paper is aimed to provide readers with basic knowledge on the current energy market and technologies an insight about the principle of Carnot Batteries.

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  • Maritime energy transition

    Exploring scenarios for the maritime industry’s pathway to a greener future.

    #AHOY2050 introduces four different scenarios, each with a very different outcome in regard to the industry’s future, technological development and GHG mitigation efforts.

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News about our green engines and future fuels

Strategic expertise for global sustainability

In addition to green engines and future fuels, which are part of our future technologies portfolio, we offer digitalization and core products made to last. Leveraging our extensive knowledge in these areas, we are charting the course toward a sustainable future.