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Steam turbines

Since supplying our first industrial steam turbine in 1904, we have continuously been developing our wide product range to match our customers’ changing needs. MAN Energy Solutions tailor-made steam turbines combine proven technology with a convincing operating reliability.
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Turbomachinery for power generation or mechanical drive from the experts

Industrial steam turbines from MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions is among the leading turbomachinery suppliers worldwide. With their proven reliability and modular design, our steam turbines can be used for mechanical drive or power generation applications. With a power range between 1 - 180 MW, they can be scaled for special process and customer requirements. Our customers in the process industries, from refineries to fertilizer, rely on our highly efficient steam turbines in their mechanical drives. The power generation business applies them in waste-to-energy or biomass processes as well as for concentrated solar power among others.

Special-purpose steam turbines to drive your process

Our steam turbines are characterized by a variety of modular design features. We deliver or set them up in a configuration optimized for your special process requirements. This keeps delivery time and cost at a minimum level. MAN Energy Solutions has over 100 years of experience in developing steam turbines. They combine proven technology with convincing operating reliability and are in operation, for example in refineries, the iron and steel industry and air separation units (ASU) among others.

Steam turbines for up to 180 MW power generation

MAN Energy Solutions steam turbines can be used in an extraordinarily wide range of applications, from waste-to-energy, to biomass, to geothermal and even concentrated solar power plants. They also work for a host of other industrial power generation applications like waste heat recovery from exothermic processes. You can download our fact sheet below to learn more about their surprising versatility. Highly efficient and reliable, our steam turbines can contribute to cutting your greenhouse gas emissions.
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Our steam turbines at work

Steam turbine for air separation

Steam turbine installed in Bautou, China

MAN Energy Solutions supplied steam turbines to this factory in China

Customer: Bautou Yingde Gases Ltd.
Region: Bautou, China
Application: Air separation
Scope: 4x MST080 steam turbines to drive air separation compressor trains (RIKT 125-4 and RG50-4) 
Status: Completed in 2010 

Shams 1 Concentrated Solar Power Station


Shams 1 directly contributes toward Abu Dhabi’s target of having 7% of its power-generation capacity covered by renewable energy by 2020. This also helps the United Arab Emirates to diversify its energy mix and reduce the country’s carbon footprint. The plant displaces about 175.000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to planting 1.5 million trees or removing 15.000 cars from Abu Dhabi’s roads.

Customer: Abener/Teyma for Shams Power Company
Location: Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi
Scope: 1x MST100, generator, auxiliaries 
Power output: 125 MWel
Steam condition:

Inlet (solar mode)       70 bar(a)/380°C

Inlet (gas mode)     100 bar(a)/540°C

Inlet Flow     450 t/h

Exhaust Pressure     0.130 bar(a)

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