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Shield your engine network against cyberattacks to keep crew and vessel safe, while lowering the risk of service disruptions

Unique in the marine industry, MAN EngineVault combines state-of-the-art software and hardware to provide firewall protection, comprehensive whitelisting and application-layer protection that seals engine networks off from virtually any threat – including on-board attacks.

Data is shaping the future of shipping

Engine data, in particular, is essential to help all of us make smarter decisions and better predictions.

However, the increase in digitization and network-based systems also increases vulnerability for cyberattacks that can paralyze entire businesses. Therefore, implementing defensive barriers should be an essential element in proactive cybersecurity management. In fact, the IMO, SIRE, and SOLAS are all set to introduce guidelines from January 1, 2021, that will require operators to address marine cybersecurity.

MAN EngineVault revitalizes existing engines, machinery, auxiliary systems, instrumentation, and control systems that have already operated in the field for multiple years, thereby optimizing the availability and efficiency of your ship installations. 

Engine network security

If you think your engine is safe because it is not connected to the internet, you might want to think again. The greatest security threat you may face is an infected USB flash drive inserted into an onboard computer by an unwitting crew member. Such attacks can render your vessel inoperable for days.

To give the best possible protection of your main engine network, MAN EngineVault introduces a complete, new, hardened engine network as well as an upgrade of the Engine Control System to the latest version for your engine type. Even in the event of a successful attack, MAN EngineVault can immediately return engine networks to their last-known safe state.

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1 January marks the day when new cybersecurity guideline from IMO, SIRE and SOLAS will come into force


Secure your engine network 

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