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Straddling the gap between achieved efficiency and the fast-evolving efficiency requirements in your market

The cost of energy and fuel is rising. Emission limits are becoming stricter. And the pace of change is accelerating across markets and industries. Amidst these challenges, a single strategy has emerged as the best path to sustainability, increased competitiveness in highly contested markets, and combatting climate change – efficiency optimization

Defining the capabilities you need to meet your efficiency targets

While industries leverage MAN Energy Solutions equipment in different ways to serve their respective markets, they all share a common concern. Over your asset's service life, you straddle a gap – between its achieved efficiency and the fast-evolving efficiency requirements in your market.

Efficiency strategies differ from industry to industry. For ship owners, emission efficiency translates into regulatory compliance and, therefore, into the unrestricted mobility of their ships across national and international waters. For power generation, getting more output from the source energy equals cost efficiency and an improved overall balance sheet. For the oil and gas industry and energy-intense process industries, the focus is on power savings and an increase in product output. Wherever your focus lies, the key to bringing your efficiency strategy to life is your service provider. Access to a full portfolio of efficiency-enhancing service solutions for existing assets is essential to achieving your efficiency goals. Even more important is your service partner's expertise in identifying – and implementing – sustainable and future-proof options for optimizing the efficiency of existing assets at maximum cost.

The increase in efficiency after upgrading the seals of a turbo compressor with a new MAN PrimeServ seal design can achieve an ROI of up to 100% in the first year
In 2019, Ibaizabal Tankers named our Reliability Package as the deciding factor in achieving a record 7 years of zero off-hire days
MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world provide consulting, active support, and spare parts to customers worldwide

With MAN PrimeServ, you leverage cutting-edge efficiency solutions

The latest solutions for retrofits and revamps from MAN PrimeServ give you an efficient energy economy, cut greenhouse emissions, and minimize your carbon footprint. Our solutions not only help you tackle efficiency challenges but offer future-proof, cost-aware options to sharpen your competitive edge. To help you meet the challenges of a transforming energy market and ever-stricter regulations, we monitor global and local market trends and regulatory and legislative requirements. We leverage our 360° view of your market, OEM expertise, and third-party competence to devise state-of-the-art service solutions from a single source

How you benefit

  • A worldwide network providing local field service and engineering skills ensures short distances for support and faster access to workshop facilities
  • MAN PrimeServ's full-train capability provided as one-stop service minimizes the complexity of modernization projects
  • Dedicated engineering and consulting departments leverage the expertise, experience and rigorous quality control of a leading OEM to tailor services for increasing the speed of operation
  • Trained and qualified personnel and digital services help you ensure – and maintain – the enhanced level of efficiency
  • Knowledge transfer, training, and certification for operators and technical personnel through the MAN PrimeServ Academy

Increase energy efficiency

Our advanced retrofit and upgrade solutions help you optimize the energy consumption of your existing MAN Energy Solutions equipment. At MAN PrimeServ, we focus on implementing advanced technologies that give you flexibility. Energy consulting supports you in identifying efficiency solutions that meet your specific goals while keeping expenses low.

Through MAN PrimeServ, you have exclusive access to the latest designs of OEM spare parts for assets from MAN Energy Solutions. These updated part designs use optimized part geometries and improved seal gaps to increase the overall energy efficiency of your asset.

Through PrimeServ Assist – a central application of the MAN CEON cloud – you have access to a full portfolio of digital solutions. Its focus is on boosting performance and efficiency while optimizing fuel and energy economy. Expert-driven real-time support and remote-monitoring analytics help you maintain peak levels of efficiency.

Increase output

As an OEM after-sales service partner, we at MAN PrimeServ have an exclusive insight into the latest technology trends. We leverage these insights to integrate state-of-the-art technology into existing assets and provide you with the latest in digital services. Our upgrade and retrofit solutions optimize resource use levels. Your goals are our goals: To increase the output of your processing plant, maximize the yield of your power generation, or increase the engine performance of your vessel.

Reduce emissions

Climate change is happening now. We all have a role to play in combatting global warming. Complying with exhaust emission regulations is a primary concern for all industries we serve. This is why we design sustainable service solutions that address your need for robust emission efficiency in meeting ever-stricter standards and regulations. We help ship owners comply with the rules of IMO Tier III, Emission Control Area (ECA), and energy efficiency design indices (EEDI) regulations. Industry players in power generation, oil and gas, and the process industry use our solutions to help achieve the climate goals established in the Paris Agreement.

Explore your options for bringing your efficiency strategy to life

Learn more about how you can enhance the efficiency level of your asset. Discover how to identify service solutions with the most significant potential to maximize your output while minimizing emissions and energy consumption.

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