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Operational availability is vital to the ability of your organization to succeed in your market

Identifying the factors with the most substantial potential to boost the availability of your assets is mission-critical. Just as crucial to sustainable operations is knowing how to best meet these availability targets at minimum cost to the maximum benefit of your organization

Making it possible to meet availability targets right out of the gate

Defining your availability potential starts with the transportation, installation, and commissioning of your purchased asset. And it starts with your choice of service provider. Your service provider has to meet two essential criteria. They require an in-depth understanding of your application, and they have to put your needs first. Whether you operate onshore, offshore, or onboard a vessel at sea, you need quality-minded service. Experienced field engineers identify the site factors relevant to the operation of your asset. They consider air quality and fuels, platform and vibrations, emission regulations and required output. 

Future-proofing availability benefits from a service partner attuned to the trends shaping your market. A reliable and innovative service partner helps you navigate a transitioning energy market and ever-stricter regulations. They boost the evolution of your process, operations, and digital transformation.

Maximizing uptime and minimizing operational expenses

You move cargo across the sea. You supply cities with energy and heat. Or, you produce fertilizer to help feed a growing world population. Whatever your industry, downtime of your equipment – or engine – is costly. Unscheduled downtime even more so. It impacts not only your business but others further down the supply chain. The potential consequences: Penalties and fees for unmet contract commitments and reputational damage.

Long-term service agreements are essential tools for increasing the reliability of your equipment and reducing total cost of ownership. Their scope can cover any service you require, from maintenance and operations to 24/7 technical support, from performance analyses to remote monitoring.

A reliable service partner will not only strive to minimize unplanned maintenance. They will also focus on reducing overall downtime. For example, by synchronizing, where possible, required maintenance or overhauls with scheduled downtime. Reducing the complexity of organizing maintenance and overhauls – especially if you operate mix-and-match machine trains – lowers operational expenses. A one-stop after-sales service covering OEM assets and third-party equipment and engines can be a substantial factor in reducing your overheads.

Extending the service life of your asset

Updating your asset in service with the latest developments in technology is one of the keys to extending its service life – its availability. Extending the service life helps you get the most out of your investment. However, updating your assets also unlocks a wealth of opportunities. You can modify the performance of your asset to support a changed process. You amend it to comply with stricter emission levels or take advantage of different fuels – and fuel prices. And, you can extend the time between overhauls and lower running costs. A service partner who sees the bigger picture will consider procured parts, control platforms, and subsystems rendered obsolete in their planning to protect your investment.

Adapting your assets can also be a strategic step in the digital transformation of your operations. Implementing intelligent systems allows for action before your plant or vessel reaches a shutdown condition. They predict the need for spare and wear parts, detect failure factors early on, monitor performance, and generate data that helps you extend the time between overhauls. These capabilities are vital to optimizing operational availability.

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24 hours of downtime incur an average loss in gross profit of 282.000 euro for a customer in the process industry
In 2019, Ibaizabal Tankers named our Reliability Package as the deciding factor in achieving a record 7 years of zero off-hire days
MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world provide consulting, active support, and spare parts to customers worldwide

At MAN PrimeServ, we give you more than just the latest service solutions

As market conditions and regulations change around you, MAN PrimeServ helps you minimize your risk and maximize your potential – for today and tomorrow

An intimate understanding of challenges to operational availability has made MAN PrimeServ a leading service solutions provider for organizations across different key sectors. As a trusted partner, MAN PrimeServ monitors the market and legislative trends in the industries it serves, from maritime transport to the oil and gas industry, from power generation to the process industry. This allows us to not only design the services you need today but to anticipate the solutions you need to meet the availability challenges of tomorrow. 

How you benefit

We push the evolution of our portfolio to give you options that address every aspect of availability optimization, from maximizing uptime to minimizing operational expenses.

  • A worldwide network providing local field service and engineering skills ensures short distances for support and faster access to workshop facilities
  • MAN PrimeServ's full train capability provided as one-stop service minimizes the complexity of maintenance projects and operations
  • Dedicated engineering and consulting departments leverage the expertise, experience and rigorous quality control of a leading OEM to tailor services for increasing the speed of operation
  • Field service and on-site recovery reduce downtime, both scheduled and unscheduled
  • Knowledge transfer, training, and certification for operators and technical personnel through the MAN PrimeServ Academy

Increase uptime

With a global network of service centers, you have 24/7 access to reliable support, field service, spare parts, expertise, and on-site recovery. Wherever you are and whenever you need it. At MAN PrimeServ, we have the capabilities to handle large turnarounds, covering project management and all maintenance tasks.

We are committed to exploring various solutions for bringing spare parts closer to your operations. State-of-the-art parts for engines and rotating equipment from MAN Energy Solutions are available exclusively through MAN PrimeServ. Our lists of capital spare parts for your rotating equipment help you plan ahead to ensure plant availability. For ship owners and operators, we offer a Reliability Package with around 200 essential parts through our 24/7 spare parts service. We secure, maintain, and develop our supply chain. 

We know qualified operators are critical in ensuring operational availability. This is why we offer knowledge transfer for your operators and technical personnel, from shadowing our technicians on-site to training and certification through the MAN PrimeServ Academy. 

Remote monitoring

We know you need more than a reactive maintenance partner. Our digital service solutions combine the latest technology with human expertise to maximize the availability and performance of your plant or vessel, with enhanced monitoring and analytics.

Reduce operational expenses

An essential tool for increasing the reliability of your assets while reducing your total cost of ownership is a long-term service agreement. We cover any service you require, from maintenance and 24/7 technical support to performance analyses and digital services, such as remote monitoring. To enhance your flexibility and give you direct access to the expertise of our technicians, we offer full-scope operations as a service.

To help you consolidate your services and simplify the management of your assets, MAN PrimeServ provides quality maintenance, repair, and reconditioning for all major brands. Profit from the operational and cost benefits of using a single supplier for all the services you need.

Extend service life

Our advanced retrofit and upgrade solutions can help optimize the sustainability of your equipment and your business.

Get the full picture of your options to meet availability targets

Learn more about how to tackle your individual availability challenges and discover how to identify – and meet – the targets with the biggest potential to maximize uptime.

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