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MAN Energy Solutions: We are moving big thing to zero

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Upcoming MAN ExpertTalks

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    MAN PrimeServ

    Explore our retrofit solutions supporting your CII compliance (morning session)

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 09:00 10:00
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    Register to ExpertTalk as we dive into cutting-edge solutions for supporting the improvement of your vessels´ current CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) rating.
    Whether you operate two-stroke or four-stroke engines MAN has you covered!

    Key topics

    • Latest news on CII regulations to understand the impact of CII requirements on your operations. 
    • Explore our two-strokes and four-strokes solutions to increase your vessel´s current rating.
    • Discover powerful retrofit propulsion and propeller optimizations solutions. 
    • Learn about practical cases and actionable steps for decarbonizing your vessels.  

    This MAN ExpertTalk is hosted by Martin Nielsen with presentation by subject matter experts Dorte Kubel, Matteo Imperato and Martin Knudsen.

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  • MAN PrimeServ

    Re-thinking oil filtration: MAN PrimeServ's deep dive into C.C.JENSEN filtration systems (afternoon session)

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 15:00 16:30
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    Explore the future of lube oil maintenance with C.C.JENSEN's innovative filtration system designed for two- and four-stroke engines, regardless of fuel type. This easily maintainable unit ensures significant fuel and lube oil savings, offering an 18-month return on investment (ROI) and contributing to the improvement of your vessels' CII rating. 

    As a global authorized partner of C.C.JENSEN, MAN PrimeServ is inviting you to this informative ExpertTalk presented by our speakers Andre Douwenga (Product Manager, MAN PrimeServ) and Steffen Dalsgaard Nyman (Corporate Trainer, C.C.JENSEN). 

    This MAN ExpertTalk will be hosted several times. Please use the dropdown on the registration page to choose the time slot that you want to register for.

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  • MAN ExpertTalk: Alternative fuels for your two-stroke powered vessel


    Alternative fuels for your two-stroke powered vessel: Ammonia, methanol and methane in focus

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 15:00 15:45
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    Register for our next MAN ExpertTalk on alternative fuels for large merchant marine vessels. We will provide insights into the most promising marine fuels of the expected future fuel mix for two-stroke vessels, namely ammonia, methanol and methane.

    You can also look forward to hearing about the latest product developments and applications as well as reasons why these fuels have the potential to offer a straightforward path for the future maritime energy transition.

    This MAN ExpertTalk is hosted by Thomas Hansen with presentation by subject matter expert Rasmus Holm Bidstrup.

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