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We leverage digitalization

Data based processes and intelligent software allow accurate analytics and unprecedented insights. We at MAN Energy Solutions aim to pioneer a digital transformation using this potential.

This is why we have developed our digital ecosystem and offer digital solutions in all our business areas. By introducing our digital key products MAN CEON and PrimeServ Assist, we created a comprehensive digital ecosystem that enables us to collect, combine and evaluate relevant data. This databased ecosystem is our digital backbone and the base for new digital customer centric solutions of the future.

Find out where we offer digital solutions within our business units.

billion units estimated to have Internet access in 2025
new devices connect to the Internet every second around the globe, according to McKinsey estimates
billion connected devices will be in use by 2025

Digital solutions for the marine industry

To promote a more interactive cooperation with ship owners and crews, we at MAN Energy Solutions use digital innovations in the marine industry. Together, we make sure that your systems are always running. Our digital solutions increase the efficiency, safety and availability of MAN products throughout the marine industry.

For example, MAN PrimeServ Assist is a new, proactive maintenance and repair service by MAN. With this service, you get instant, accurate notifications, updates and advice on your fleet or industrial equipment while they are in service. 

MAN CEON is our cloud-based customer-user interface for the MAN PrimeServ Assist digital services which provide all data and information on MAN products. This digital platform is accessible on any verified device with an internet connection.

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Digital solutions for Energy & Storage

Digitalization is one of the key enablers of the transition towards flexible carbon neutral energy systems. Also, it can help save power generation costs.

With energy production becoming increasingly diverse, there is an ever-growing need for intelligent energy management systems that respond to fluctuations of renewable energy and market price signals. Our energy management systems allow for optimized, cost-efficient and reliable operation of hybrid power systems and microgrids wherever and whenever needed.

Our PrimeServ Assist digital services provide the crucial insights on how to increase equipment efficiency and leverage optimization potentials, thus directly enhancing plant profitability.

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Digital solutions for Oil & Gas and the Process Industry

The oil and gas business, chemical or materials industries can and will benefit from the power hidden in the vast quantities of data produced and harvested every single day. MAN Energy Solutions has the expertise to put the data to good use for our customers’ success. Thanks to smart services we can guarantee to avoid downtime, analyze performance and anticipate future needs.

With our digital service agreements, we take the digital capabilities of our customers’  facilities to the next level. PrimeServ Assist e.g. includes remote diagnostics, anomaly detection, while our digital twinning approach offers benefits like individual software solutions with improved quality, simulation-based operator training, increased efficiency and reduced commissioning time.

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Digital service solutions

With PrimeServ Assist, we have developed an innovative service for various applications: We use digitalization to offer proactive service and real-time support.

The MAN CEON platform integrates data and information from MAN machinery and its operational environment and uses intelligent real-time analysis tools for evaluation and forecasting, while providing robust connectivity.

However, digitization is not without risks. Network-based systems are increasing vulnerability for cyberattacks that can paralyze entire businesses. Therefore, implementing defensive barriers is an essential element in proactive cybersecurity management. Cybersecurity is crucial for all our service solutions.


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Digital services

Our Digital Center is a central platform to discover advanced system solutions in 3D, meet our dedicated experts online and get inspiration for future market und technological developments. We offer in-depth insights via webinars across all business areas and provide product news and updates on the key developments in our customers’ lines of business

Latest news on digitalization

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

MAN Energy Solutions and Amazon Web Services collaborate to drive digital transformation in the marine Industry

Companies set to improve operational efficiency for marine, power and industrial applications with real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance platform

MAN Energy Solutions, a leading solutions provider for the maritime, power, and industrial sector, has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider to provide advanced analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities for MAN’s CEON platform. The MAN CEON digital platform connects MAN equipment across different industries and geographies to offer customers advice, condition-based maintenance, and repair guidance for marine and power engines, turbochargers, turbines, compressors, and other connected equipment. By selecting AWS, MAN Energy Solutions is executing on its strategy to help its customers within the marine, energy, and industrial sectors to master challenges resulting from the need to decarbonize by improving efficiency and performance of their assets at a systemic level. 

The MAN CEON platform combines MAN Energy Solutions’ experience in the marine, energy, and industrial sectors with AWS’s portfolio of cloud technologies and software expertise. Using machine learning algorithms, MAN CEON collects and evaluates operating data, and enables real-time monitoring of marine or power plant engines, turbines, and compressors, all of which are equipped with hundreds of sensors that constantly transmit data. This enables MAN experts to detect malfunctions and problems at an early stage, and to assist customers all over the world with operating and maintaining their systems. 

“MAN CEON is the backbone of our developing digital-service business. By building the MAN CEON Platform on AWS, we are able to leverage the latest machine learning and IoT managed services to improve our algorithms and scale our platform to customers globally,” said Uwe Lauber, CEO, MAN Energy Solutions. “With MAN CEON, we offer our customers real-time insights and help them run their system more efficiently.”
MAN Energy Solutions leverages AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS IoT Core to run analytics and machine learning on the edge, meaning on the machine itself, to securely ingest data into the cloud. The algorithms for MAN CEON’s predictive maintenance are developed and constantly improved using Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service that helps developers and data scientists build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly. MAN CEON customers also benefit from AWS secure infrastructure, with encryption from the machine to the cloud and at all layers of the technology stack. 

“As industries look to improve their operations and become more efficient, they need reliable insights to avoid system failures,” said Kathrin Renz, VP Business Development and Industries, AWS. “By combining MAN Energy Solutions’ deep expertise in marine, energy, and industrial solutions with AWS’s leadership in analytics, machine learning, and IoT, customers will be able to reach new levels of operational efficiency.

“Working with AWS reinforces our digital vision of offering advanced and secure digital solutions to transform our business, and to optimize our customers’ business decisions,” said Gregory Puckett, Head of Group Digital, MAN Energy Solutions. 

To continue the development of the MAN CEON platform, MAN Energy Solutions will utilize an enablement strategy that includes hands-on and experiential upskilling programs for its developers, data scientists, and product engineers via AWS Data Lab, AWS GameDay, and AWS classroom trainings from AWS Training and Certification, with a focus on IoT, security, and machine learning technologies.


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