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Production site Berlin

World-class compression technology developed in Berlin.
At MAN Energy Solutions Berlin, 360 employees from 18 countries are responsible for the development, engineering, production and testing of high-tech integrally geared radial compression systems.
Our Berlin compression solutions are integral part to transform towards a sustainable industrial future and are used in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage, Hydrogen as well as Heat pump applications.
We strives to transform energy into sustainable progress and prosperity for a climate-neutral future. #movingbigthingstozero
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Gears and integrally geared compressors

Berlin is the center of excellence for integrally geared compressors.

The Product center combines the competencies for the engineering and the production of integrally geared compressors including the manufacturing of impellers and gear sets as well as the assembling and testing of gear boxes serving both the new equipment and PrimeServ business.

Technology innovation


The world’s industrial production needs to become carbon-neutral, fast. Avoidance, balancing, and capture are the three main carbon-reduction tactics. But not all three approaches are viable for all industrial producers. Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) provides a proven and practical way of reducing emissions for large industrial plants in hard to abate sectors. MAN technology plays a key part in CCUS. 

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Heat pumps are an important technology in the context of successful decarbonization of the heat supply for businesses and communities. Used in an industrial context, they not only save fuel costs, but can contribute to making a company’s heat supply carbon neutral and open up new business opportunities.

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Hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition. It has the potential to decarbonize a vast variety of sectors, from shipping, heating and cooling to industrial applications. We at MAN Energy Solutions acknowledge the power of H2 and with our solutions and services, we are already covering all parts of the hydrogen economy today.

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>20 running references for CCUS
Mill. t
> 100 Million t CO2 compressed
> 1 Million operation hours

Technology and business activities in Berlin

Fully adaptable to your needs, our integrally geared compressors typically stand for high efficiency and a speedy return on investment in a wide range of applications. This multi-shaft centrifugal compressor allows for up to five pinions, depending on your individual requirements.

  •  Individually selectable impeller speed for optimal flow and costs
  • Up to three combined applications within one casing
  • Sealing and intercooling opportunities

Career and training offers


MAN Energy Solutions Berlin

Egellsstr. 21
13507 Berlin

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1857 – First BORSIG Compressor in Berlin

1977 – First BORISG Multi-Shaft Compressor designed in Berlin

1996 – Establishment of GHH BORSIG

1997 – World first 10stage CO2 integrally geared compressor supplied to customer 

2010  MAN Diesel and MAN Turbo merge to become MAN Diesel & Turbo

2018 – MAN Diesel & Turbo becomes MAN Energy Solutions SE

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