Expanding renewable energy use

As the share of renewable energies grows, so does the importance of energy storage. Battery energy storage systems (MAN BESS) from MAN Energy Solutions help to improve the reliability, availability and efficiency of your power supply.
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MAN BESS – versatile, effective solutions for stabilizing the grid

Bringing stability to fluctuating energy demands

Scalable, flexible and versatile – battery storage is an effective solution for a variety of applications and customers.

As power providers use more renewables in electricity generation, they need to respond quickly to fluctuations in supply and demand without a great deal of loss. Storing this energy increases availability and helps to build reserves that stabilize the grid when needed. 

Battery energy storage systems (MAN BESS) are turnkey solutions suitable for stand-alone and hybrid applications, including ones in combination with engines, turbines and renewables. They deliver large amounts of power within a very short response time. MAN BESS help energy providers supply everyday power as well as critical services, like grid balancing and peak shaving, in a reliable, cost-effective way using a state-of-the-art EMS system

Providing flexible energy storage for a wide range of applications

We design effective MAN BESS solutions to meet customers' energy needs. 

Battery energy storage systems (MAN BESS) are best suited for applications that require a fast response time and a high power demand over the short or medium term. They improve the reliability, availability and efficiency of the power supply. MAN BESS are ideal for applications like peak shaving, frequency control and load balancing, as well as renewable integration through ramp rate control and energy time shift. Energy storage systems generate much higher value when multiple, stacked services are provided in the same system.

We develop each MAN BESS solution for specific customer and project requirements. A power-focused configuration that delivers large amounts of energy relatively quickly may be more suitable than an energy-focused configuration, which provides steady power over an extended period of time. Our system simulation and modeling expertise means that we can find the best possible solution for a specific application – as a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing power plant.  

How you benefit: 

  • Make assets more reliable, flexible and profitable
  • Ideal for use in multiple applications
  • Suitable for high-power and high-energy applications
  • Complete system integration from a single source 
or higher LCOE reduction, when adding a battery to a hybrid system.
power range of MAN BESS solutions
standard lifetime of battery components, depending on the application

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Hybrid power with MAN BESS and renewables for a 50 MW island power plant 

MAN Energy Solutions upgraded an existing thermal power plant with MAN BESS to improve operations, boost efficiency and reduce the operator's carbon footprint.


Thermal power plant50 MW
Battery containers  3 x 40' (3.6 MWH, 11 MW)
Engine operating hours- 20%
Fuel consumption / COreduction- 3%
Payback / years6
Battery services

Optimize engine operations:

Spinning reserve, peak shaving

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Optimize your energy system, and integrate high levels of renewables

MAN Energy Solutions will assess your requirements in detail to design, develop and implement the best MAN BESS solution for your specific needs. You can also count on our reliable MAN PrimeServ support across the full asset life cycle, including remote monitoring and optimization. Start generating greener energy today. 

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