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Reactors for special applications

As one of the most experienced and trusted reactor manufacturers anywhere, MAN Energy Solutions can provide a range of special reactors, which are custom-designed to meet even your most specific requirements.
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Special design reactors from DWE®

Reactors for special applications and requirements

We have the capacity and expertise to customize reactors for any special requirement 

There are several reasons why you might need a custom-made reactor for your business. The production of some chemicals calls for special materials and conditions in the reactor. You might need a pilot reactor which we design and deliver exclusively to your specifications. For health and safety reasons, you might require specially secured reactors with a containment design. Or you might need a sector design as the entire reactor is simply too heavy or large to be transported to the intended site in one piece. Whatever you need by way of reactors, we have the solution


Developing individual reactors for and with you

As a pioneer in reactor technology, MAN Energy Solutions is constantly working to push the boundaries of what is possible. We work closely with our customers in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in research, designing special reactors with various design features.

We use high-grade materials such as low- and high-alloy steel combined with special cladding to manufacture reactors which can handle all sorts of chemicals. 

Should you be working with highly flammable or hazardous substances, our containment reactor design eliminates the hazard of escaping hot and contaminated gases and the risk of fire.  

Many customers like to order extremely large reactors for the sake of production efficiency. Transporting them in one piece is often impossible (no weight-appropriate cranes available, not enough physical space, etc.). We offer a special sector design, enabling the convenient transportation of smaller components. Our technicians will assemble the reactor on-site. 


maximum weight per reactor
maximum operating temperature per reactor
maximum length per reactor

Zirconium-cladded reactors, worldwide

We delivered customized reactor systems or components, made of solid Zirconium or Zirconium cladded. For highest, standards on corrosion-resistance, availability and safety standards. 

Phosgene reactor
Project status: Completed in 2011
Dimensions:Average 3,000 x 25 mm
Length:About 26 m
Material:Zirconium / Zirconium cladded
Customer benefits:Highest quality, customized production, on time delivery


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DWE® reactor services

We want you to get the most out of your investment: Service-life-extending revamps and conversions are available for all assets in the DWE® reactors portfolio.

As a service customer, you benefit from the experience and innovation of designers, engineers and technicians who know your reactor – down to the last gasket. From design studies to after-sales service, as a reliable and competent partner, we accompany your reactor through all phases of its service life.

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Are you looking for a reactor that can handle rare and unusual processes? Do you need a particularly large or safe reactor?

Or maybe your reactor will be a global innovation? MAN Energy Solutions can rise to the challenge. Custom-made reactors for every purpose. From fine chemicals to research, from sector design to containment.

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