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Water-, gas- or oil-cooled reactors

With over 60 years of experience, MAN Energy Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of water-, air- or oil-cooled tubular reactors. Our special reactors for liquefaction processes or methanation are serving a growing market worldwide.
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Reactors for the future

A strong partner for the chemical industry worldwide

DWE® has been constructing reactors and pressure vessels of large wall thickness for the chemical industry, for refineries, power plants and similar industrial plants. Over the years, we have acquired the best expertise in the field. We design in strict compliance with your requirements.

Our years of experience in reactors construction give us the highest level of expertise. The tubular reactors in operation all over the world have made us into a trusted partner in the industry. We pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships. Our careful handling of large numbers of tubes, tube-to-tube sheet welding as well as our zero-tolerance quality control have proven to be a strong 

foundation for our business. We believe innovation is a constant process and also conduct technical research into welding and heat treatment.

Among others, our reactors are used in the increasingly important production of liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas, biomass or coal. Known as GTL, BTL or CTL processes, they require robust and durable fluidized-bed tubular reactors. These reactors are also used for the production of methanol and ethylene oxide or for methanation. 

A custom-made reactor for your business

Each business is different, which is why we take great care to offer individualized reactors to all of our clients in the chemical, oil and gas and petrochemical sectors. Operating with gas, oil boiling or pressurized water for various applications, our reactors are made from high-grade materials such as carbon steel, nickel alloy, low- and high-alloy steel including vanadium-reinforced chrome steel and stainless steel. They are clad in special materials such as zirconium, guaranteeing you a long service life and extreme hardiness.

We fabricate our reactors in-house and ship directly from our own port; the logistics of transporting these frequently very large pieces of equipment are no trouble to us. We do offer sector design if your infrastructure requires it.
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  • SNG solutions

    Lead with SNG: MAN DWE®'s pathway to net zero

    MAN Energy Solutions is taking the lead with energy transformation that is as pragmatic as it is future-driven. MAN DWE® SNG solutions are already powering flagship projects around the globe. The ElbBlue project, the first container ship fueled by green SNG, and Werlte, a pioneering power-to-gas facility, are setting industry standards for sustainability. Join us in redefining energy and learn more about MAN DWE® SNG solutions that pave the way for net zero emissions.  

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Shell Pearl GTL – Gas-to-liquid reactor in Qatar for Shell


Number of reactors:12
Number of tubes:30,000
Tube sheet thickness:300 mm
Shell ID x wall:7,032 x 142
TT Length:12,950 mm
Weight:1.2 kt
Shell material:19Mn5 20MnMo-Ni45
Design:PD 5500

DWE® reactor services

We want you to get the most out of your investment: Service-life-extending revamps and conversions are available for all assets in the DWE® reactors portfolio.

As a service customer, you benefit from the experience and innovation of designers, engineers and technicians who know your reactor – down to the last gasket. From design studies to after-sales service, as a reliable and competent partner, we accompany your reactor through all phases of its service life.

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We have built more than 750 reactors which are in use all over the globe. See what we can do for you.

Whichever application you are looking for, our proven water-, oil- or gas-operated tubular reactors can be tailor-made for your business. Our excellent technical service and lifetime spare part guarantee are additional benefits. Talk to us to find out more.

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