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Spare parts for two-stroke engines

All-in-one genuine-parts packages by MAN PrimeServ help you extend the time between overhauls, keep overhauls straightforward and effective, and ensure you have essential parts aboard when you need them.
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Protect your bottom line at sea

Part solutions are more than just the sum of their parts: They are tailored to your marine engines and systems and designed with specific goals in mind. Maintenance kits are assembled for fast and efficient overhauls with a focus on extending the TBO. Essential part kits protect the mobility of your vessel at sea. They all are part solutions by MAN PrimeServ, and they all are investments in a profitable future.

Maintenance and overhaul kits minimize the risk of unscheduled downtime

We draw on decades of experience in preventive maintenance to assemble MAN PrimeServ maintenance kits for a wide range of propulsion systems. Each kit contains all required replacement parts along with an easy-to-follow installation guide. The guide uses diagrams to highlight the purpose of each part and illustrate fitting instructions.

Maintenance kits onboard eliminate the need for urgent unscheduled delivery of individual wear parts, saving you time, money, and hassle. With our maintenance kits, you can service components, quickly and correctly, whenever and wherever you need to.

Prevent off-hire periods with the Reliability Package

Now more than ever, keeping assets working at peak efficiency is critical for you as a vessel owner or operator. All-day. Every day. We have developed a solution that helps you reduce costly service interruptions to a minimum: the MAN PrimeServ Reliability Package.

Customized to your engine, the Reliability Package gives you instant access to some 200 high-quality parts and critical components. These are the latest versions straight from the designers of your engine. With these crucial parts on board, you can increase operational certainty and ensure the safety of crew and environment while protecting your schedule and your bottom line at sea.

How your benefit

  • Greater operational certainty and financial security
  • Less risk of service interruptions and off-hire costs
  • Less risk of disruption to delivery schedules and supply chains
  • Greater safety for crews and the environment
  • Full warranty with worldwide telephone support
  • Genuine OEM parts protect the MAN Energy Solutions warranty on new-build engines
  • Bulk-purchasing discounts


Spare parts when and where you need them

At MAN PrimeServ, we offer round-the-clock access to the OEM quality parts and services you need to ensure the performance and availability of your ship assets.

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