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Maintenance Kits: Two-stroke engines

All-in-one genuine-parts packages by MAN PrimeServ help you extend the time between overhauls, keep overhauls straightforward and effective, and ensure you have essential parts aboard when you need them.
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Maintenance kits tailored to your two-stroke engine

  • Maintenance Kit for Cylinder Liners
  • Maintenance Kit for Cylinder Cover
  • Retrofit Stuffing Boxes
  • Maintenance Kit for Stuffing Box
  • Maintenance Kit for Pistons
  • Maintenance Kit for Exhaust Valves
  • Maintenance Kit for Exhaust Seal Air
  • Maintenance kit for Exhaust Actuator
  • Maintenance Kit for Pressure Booster
  • Maintenance Kit for Window Valve
  • Maintenance Kit for Fuel Valves
  • Maintenance Kit for Gas Injector Valve
  • Maintenance Kit for Fuel Pumps
  • Maintenance Kit for Alpha Lubricator
  • Maintenance Kit for Junction Box
  • Service Kit for Multiway Valve
  • Service Kit for Control Valves
  • Service Kit for Alpha Lubricator
  • Service Kit for Pump Station
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Spare parts when and where you need them

At MAN PrimeServ, we offer round-the-clock access to the OEM quality parts and services you need to ensure the performance and availability of your ship assets. If your organization is interested in MAN PrimeServ Maintenance Kits contact us now. You can find us 24/7 around the world.

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