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Field service for turbines and compressors

MAN PrimeServ provides a full spectrum of highly tailored field services for turbomachinery from a single source, from maintenance to modifications, from service agreements to 24/7 TechLine access to emergency response.
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Boost operational availability

MAN PrimeServ field service offers end-to-end coverage for operations industrial. Its global network of service centers provides 24/7 OEM-quality field services.

Benefit from greater flexibility, faster turnarounds, and services available anytime, anywhere

Field servicing is crucial to maintaining the reliability and efficiency of turbines, compressors, and expanders. And, we know, every single hour counts.
MAN PrimeServ’s global field services give you short response times and access to the resources and in-depth knowledge of a leading OEM wherever you are. Localized service engineers and specialists ensure you enjoy maximum flexibility, whether you need qualified assembly personnel on-site or veteran technicians to supervise your staff or subcontractors. MAN PrimeServ offerings for field services leverage augmented reality and digital technology such as PrimeServ EyeTech and virtual commissioning for control system upgrades.

How you benefit:

  • Certified Competence Management System (CMS)
  • OEM expertise with continuous multi-stage professional training and qualification concept based on German standards
  • Increase the availability of your equipment
  • Leverage next-generation tools, diagnostics, and advanced technology
  • Benefit from fast response times and a global service network
  • Rent – or purchase – field service containers customized to your needs
MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world provide consulting, on-site support and OEM spare parts to customers worldwide
hubs with own local field service personal
Field Service Engineers worldwide

The MAN PrimeServ field service portfolio

MAN PrimeServ is the service solution provider for the entire
MAN Energy Solutions portfolio as well as third-party rotating equipment.
We offer you a full spectrum of services, solutions, and technologies, guaranteeing higher availability, efficiency and capacity.

  • On-site technical and operational support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Supervision of work
  • Performance of inspections, revisions, and repairs
  • Implementation of modernizations on compressors, ancillaries, and control systems
  • Thorough planning of workforce, spare parts, and tools
  • Planning leverages data-driven insights
  • Completion of turnkey installations, including large turnarounds

PrimeServ SolutionAdvisor - your goals, our service

Increase availability, improve safety, strengthen sustainability, and boost capacity and efficiency of your turbomachinery – explore where our upgrade solutions can take you. Our PrimeServ SolutionAdvisor helps you to identify upgrade solutions matching to your operational priorities and make more informed decisions driving your overall business strategy.
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Overhaul of turbomachinery trains at one of the largest and most complex inland refineries in Europe

Collaborating on a major refinery turnaround project involving 50 contractors, 29,000 planning hours and 820,000 work hours, MAN PrimeServ handled the overhaul of seven turbomachinery trains and related services.

Customer:OMV Austria
Customer type:Refinery

Petrochemical production

Location:Schwechat, Austria
Processing capacity:Approx. 10 million tons of crude oil per year

Work scope of

MAN PrimeServ:

Overhaul of seven turbomachinery trains and both their auxialiary and secondary systems; reworking the surface of two turbine casings exhibiting gaps along their split line





Lump Sum Overhaul of various Turbomachines during Refinery Turnaround in 2017

Scope of services

  • Necessary replacement of rotating blades Stage 201

  • Customer has no spare rotor 


  • Refurbishment of 2 turbine casings / welding / re-machining in MAN PrimeServ workshop in Oberhausen.
  • Re-engineering of the turbine split line bolts from heating system to hydraulic system
  • New delivery and installation of turbine insulations
  • Control-system upgrade


  • In order to reach the tight schedule MAN rendered in total 24.000 Field Service man-hours with 100 MAN personnel in Day- and Nightshift.
  • Overhaul was succesfully completed within the anticipated time frame, quality and specifications with no site incidents.

General Overhaul


General overhaul in 2019

Location: Singapare

Scope of services

  • General overhaul of condensing steam turbine and booster compressor within Supervision services


  • Detailed project planning along with customer prior to the shutdown
  • On-Site machining, local welding on stator parts and casings, necessary repairs works have been coordinated and managed by MAN PrimeServ
  • Work have been succesfully completed in less than the given 24 calendar days by customer

Turn-Key Turnaround


Large Turn-Key Turnaround in 2019

Scope of services

  • Performance of a large turnaround within 50 calendar days
  • Turnaround of 8 machine trains
    • 2 Crack gas compressors driven by steam turbines
    • 2 Ethylene compressors driven by steam turbines
    • 2 Propylene compressors driven by steam turbines
    • 1 Booster (multishaft) compressor driven by an electrical motor
    • 1 Charged gas compressor driven by steam turbine


  • Engineering services
  • Complete supply of spare parts
  • Modifications of components
  • Site- & project management
  • MAN PrimeServ acted as a solution provider
  • During the turnaround MAN rendered in total 21.000 manhours
  • 53 Field service engineers worked in day- & nightshift

Lump Sum Overhaul


Lump Sum Overhaul of Ethylene cracker in 2015

Scope of services

  • Performance of a general overhaul within 28 calendar days
  • General overhaul of 4 steam turbines total drive power 50 MW
  • General overhaul of 5 radial compressors


  • Overhaul of the machine upper casings in the MAN PrimeServ workshop in Oberhausen.
  • Planning / Execution / Transport have been coordinated and managed by MAN PrimeServ
  • The overhaul was succesfully performed with over 40 Field service engineers  and 10.950 rendered manhours in two shifts.

Operational improvement


Operational Improvement

The performance of the steam turbine shows an increase of 2 MW in the coupling performance at about  2kg/s lower steam consumption.

Location: Domenican Republic

Scope of services

  • Turnkey overhaul of steam turbine
  • On-Site machining of rotor and stator labyrinth seals


  • Increase of steam turbine performance of 6%
  • Improvement of lower steam consumption
  • Coordination of all site activities by
    MAN PrimeServ Field Service Coordination
  • Control of overall shutdown planning by MAN field service site management

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