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Original spare parts for compressors and turbines

With its global spare part services for MAN Energy Solutions and third-party turbines and compressors, MAN PrimeServ supplies the genuine top-quality spare parts that only an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can provide.
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Spare parts from MAN PrimeServ keep your turbines and compressors running

MAN Primeserv’s global spare part services deliver parts for MAN compressors and steam as well as gas turbines used in both the oil and gas industry and the process industry. The service is designed to ensure the continued performance of your machine trains, keeping processes reliable and oil and gas flowing.

Why choose genuine spare parts from MAN Energy Solutions?

Benefit from rigorous quality standards, continuous performance improvement, and a simple order process.

Reliable, fast, and efficient, MAN PrimeServ supplies the parts you need throughout the entire service life of your turbomachinery.

Genuine spare parts from MAN Energy Solutions come with substantial advantages. We manufacture spare parts with the same care and rigorous quality standards that go into our new turbines and compressors. All parts are guaranteed to meet technical qualifications and specifications, from flow parts to wear-and-tear parts, from maintenance kits to core parts, such as blades and gearboxes.

As our customer, you profit from state-of-the-art technology and our ongoing research: MAN Energy Solutions continuously improves components, their performance, and their reliability.

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Do you need parts for a third-party machine train?

We offer full life cycle support for your turbomachinery. Our services in 3D measurement and reverse engineering give you access to tailored spare parts produced to the usual high quality of MAN Energy Solutions.

Advantages of genuine MAN Energy Solutions spare parts

  • Proven OEM quality
  • Continuous development
  • Full life cycle support
  • Reliable operation

OEM spare parts and consumables for core engines and ancillary systems whenever and wherever you need them

MAN PrimeServ spare parts and spare part services mitigate availability risks with individual components, service kits, and tailor-made spare part concepts.

We stock spare parts, semi-finished parts, and raw parts, ensuring we meet even the most urgent need for parts. In addition to parts, we offer a range of services that mitigate availability risks.

The MAN PrimeServ portfolio of parts and parts services

  • Spare parts, raw parts, and consumables
  • Tools and special equipment for maintenance or repairs
  • Customization of spare parts to your specifications
  • Storage of spare parts customized to your needs
  • Analysis and forecasting of spare parts demand, and inventory recommendations
  • Reverse engineering and remanufacturing of parts
  • Identification of parts

Service kits: The foundation of your stock

To ensure you have the right part at hand at the right time, MAN PrimeServ combines parts routinely used in inspection and assembly work in handy service kits.

We simplify your spare parts management and provide you with on-site access to the essential spare parts and consumables typically required in service and maintenance work. We draw on the longstanding experience of MAN Energy Solutions’ field engineers to build kits that meet on-site needs.

Expert tip: Replenish service kits immediately after use

A complete set of kits ensures access to the bare turbine or compressor at any given time. Even if you stock strategic spares or consumables for routine maintenance work, we recommend keeping a complete set of service kits for your turbine or compressor at hand and replenishing service kits immediately after use.

Plan ahead with customized kit lists and comprehensive spare parts concepts

MAN PrimeServ offers detailed lists of the service kits recommended for your turbine or compressor, as a stand-alone service kit recommendation or as the backbone of a comprehensive spare parts concept that considers your operational requirements and maintenance

Why rely on MAN PrimeServ service kits?

  • Spare part kits simplify your spare parts management
  • They give instant access to the essential spare parts needed in typical inspection and assembly work on your turbomachinery
  • Their make-up effectively supports service and maintenance work
  • Easy and cost-saving replenishment of service kits

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MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world provide consulting, on-site support and OEM spare parts to customers worldwide
we offer worldwide round-the-clock service 365 days a year for all
MAN Energy Solutions products
employees at MAN PrimeServ serve customers around the globe

Aiming to optimize your spare parts management?

Wondering how to mitigate availability risks and ensure the reliability and performance of your machine trains? Whatever your challenge, talk to us. MAN PrimeServ has a long track record of meeting spare part needs. Our global network of service centers is available to work out the best solutions to support your business.

Contact our MAN PrimeServ Turbomachinery experts

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