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It is our mission to supply the best quality education solutions to help customers around the globe operate and maintain their engines and equipment with maximum efficiency and safety. Tailored to the needs of engineers, technicians, operators, and application personnel, our courses supplement practical experience with theory. We make sure your staff stays on top of the latest technological developments.

How does MAN eLearning work?

Smart and digital. We apply our experience as certified instructors for MAN Energy Solutions to digital learning to create content that enhances your career. Digital learning content is always up to date and aligned with business goals.

Effective and engaging. As a versatile teaching tool, eLearning serves different learning styles and paces. Participants engage when and where they want. As a corporate training environment, eLearning is cost-effective, scalable, and optimized for retention.

Remote and virtual. We host our online course on a fully-featured mobile learning platform. Our MAN eAcademy offers a 100% virtual option for knowledge building. Content is available 24/7 as web-based courses. The two-step process is simple. Sign up for an eLearning course in the course finder. And, we provide you login access to MAN eAcademy, where you find your booked course. And once you are in, you can browse the MAN eAcademy for more course options.

The top four advantages of MAN eAcademy

Mobile learning

Learn on any device, anywhere. Learn online at our academy using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Easy to sign up and get started. As your organization grows, so does the reach of your eLearning.


Skill-up to get ahead. eLearning makes your working life richer, and each certificate adds skills to your resume.

Micro learning

Fit bite-sized units into your day, and set your own pace. Microlearning integrates seamlessly into your working life.

Service know-how made easy

The content is designed in clean and structured in bite-sized units with to-the-point eLearning objectives. Videos, quizzes, and animations bring the content to life. And, don’t worry about interruptions. MAN eAcademy tracks your course progress and let us restart units for a refresher. The intuitively designed platform displays the status of your modules and highlights the steps to your course certificate.

Engine fluids eLearning
Diesel engines | about 360 minutes  

Designed for plant managers, operators as well as chief, senior service, superintendent, and commissioning engineers, this sixteen-module course covers all you need to know about fuels, lube oil, and cooling water in diesel engines, from specs to fluid analyses.

Register for Engine fluids eLearning

Common Rail (CR)
Four-stroke engines | about 30 minutes  

This eLearning module for superintendents and mechanics describes the layout of the MAN CR common rail system as well as its components and their purpose. It explains the flushing process and leakage detection.

Register for Common Rail (CR)

Four-stroke engines | about 180 minutes  

This five-modules course for operators, electricians as well as superintendent, commissioning, service, and senior service engineers covers the architecture and components of the Safety and Control System on Engine, the exchange of modules, the device manager, and the expert tool.

Register for SaCoSone

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Four-stroke engines | about 120 minutes

This four-module course for superintendents and engineers covers emission regulations for marine applications, the functional principles of a low-pressure SCR, and a guide on how to identify the main components of the reactor, the air path, the urea path, and the control system.

Register for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
Four-stroke engines | about 30 minutes

This thirty-minute module for engineers and mechanics explains the formation of nitrogen oxides in a diesel process and the principles of variable valve timing. It covers Miller valve timing and its advantages and drawbacks, VVT components and their purpose.

Register for Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

Learn from real people, doing real things

A winning combination: eLearning and hands-on training courses

Enhance the overall learning experience and boost retention rates by combining eLearning and on-site training courses. In addition to our online offerings, we provide comprehensive hands-on training. Theory units complement hands-on training taught in environments where participants work on original equipment. Simulators take them through real-life operation scenarios, maintenance, and real-life equipment troubleshooting.

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Our courses are passion at work. We continuously update course content in step with technological advances and based on the feedback from participants and their organizations.

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At MAN PrimeServ Academies, we make training as local as possible to keep travel expenses low, and time away from the job to a minimum. Choose from thirteen locations and four partnership locations across the globe.

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If you’re not sure about our online units, request a course sample. Do you work for a corporate learning environment? In addition to the eLearning units listed in the course finder of MAN PrimeServ Academies, we offer customized eLearning. You set the content; we tailor the course to the needs of your staff.

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