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Meet PrimeServ Omnicare – your one-stop service

Are you as an operator looking for a trusted partner who can take care of your entire fleet across all brands? Whatever service you require on your turbomachinery equipment and beyond we are ready to be that partner.

Why to choose PrimeServ Omnicare?

Benefit from one single service provider close to your operations with decades of experience and references in multi brand services:

  • “Ownership” of equipment
  • Full offering from Field Service to replacement of equipment
  • Full train capability (all machines / equipment) 
  • Global network with quick and reliable response
  • Over 250 years of engineering know how
  • Extension of service life of equipment
  • Increased capacity, safety, reliability and availability
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved efficiency and cost effective operation
  • Same standards and quality as for OEM equipment



Portfolio of services for all your rotating equipment


We are where you need us – our global Omnicare Centers

Americas (Brazil)


Omnicare Center Americas Brazil, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro


  • Field Services
  • Repairs
  • Reverse Engineering and Spare Parts
  • Revamps
  • Large Turnaround Solutions
  • Digital– and Service Agreements
  • LTSA On- and Offshore
  • Footprint Solutions


  • Size: 5.000m² with/without climate controlled areas
  • Crane Capacity: 40.000 kg
  • Machinery Park: > 50 equipments for manufacturing spare parts


  • 3D Scanning for reverse engineering
  • More than 40.000 KWh avg. monthly generation produced by 600 + solar panels
  • Rainwater reuse system

Americas (USA)


Omnicare Center Americas USA, Brookshire, Houston, Texas USA


  • Field Services
  • Repairs
  • Reverse Engineering and Spare Parts
  • Revamps
  • Large Turnaround Solutions
  • Digital– and Service Agreements
  • Footprint Solutions


  • Size: 9,600m² under roof climate controlled
  • Crane Capacity: 45,000 kg / 10.7 m
  • Machinery Park:
    • LSB for up to  45,000 Kg rotors
    • Lathe machining capability for up to 105” swing
    • VTL machining capability for up to 84” swing
    • CNC 22” swing

Highlights: Laser Welding Cell

  • Journals, coupling ends and screw compressors seal strip
  • Compressor casings


Asia Pacific (Indonesia)

workshop Bandung

Omnicare Center Asia Pacific, Bandung, Indonesia


  • Field Services
  • Repairs
  • Reverse Engineering and Spare Parts
  • Revamps
  • Large Turnaround Solutions
  • LTSA
  • Footprint Solutions


  • Size: 550m2
  • Crane Capacity: 1 + 1 Jib Crane 2 tons and 3.2 tons
  • Machinery Park: 
    • Low speed balancing machine capacity 1.5 tons
    • Sandblasting cabin
    • Welding area
    • Assembly area

Europe (Germany)

Werksmontage Ravensburg

Omnicare Center Europe, Germany, Ravensburg


  • Field Services
  • Repairs
  • Reverse Engineering and Spare Parts
  • Revamps
  • Large Turnaround Solutions
  • Digital– and Service Agreements
  • LTSAs


  • Size: 1,400m²
  • Crane Capacity: 50T / 40t / 30t / Hook Heights 10 m and several 2t   
  • Machinery Park: LSB, Lathe (add. see highlights)


  • Situated in an industry park and access to machines for heavy duty equipment for mechanical works up to 320t weight and approx. 7,2 m outer diameter. Rotor repair possibilities for up to 90t and 3,7m diameter. 

Middle East & Africa (South Africa)

workshop Vanderbijlpark

Omnicare Center Middle East Africa, South Africa, Vanderbijlpark


  • Field Services
  • Repairs
  • Reverse Engineering and Spare Parts manufacturing
  • Blade Manufacturing
  • Rotor Storage
  • Revamps
  • Large Turnaround Solutions
  • LTSAs
  • Footprint Solutions 


  • Size: 16,000 m² under roof under crane
  • Crane Capacity: Overhead up to 50 ton, 2 x 20 tons, 2 x 15 tons, 5 x 5  tons


  • 3D CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) Fixed  & Portable
  • Laser Welding
  • Blade Manufacturing


Repairs/Reverse Engineering



Equipment & Machine type: GE AC Screw Compressors 250L4

Location: France & Workshop MAN Oberhausen

Year of Reference: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021


  • Field Service
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning, Blasting, Inspection, manufacturing spare parts
  • Repair and assembly process


Customer Benefits: 

  • Spare parts and Spare Parts Management
  • Repair where OEM is not existent
  • MAN provided service and brought back the machine to life

Large Overhaul & Revamp



Equipment & Machine types: STG 33.75 MW

Location: South Africa and MAN workshop South Africa

Year of Reference: 2022

Workscope: Turnkey Inspection, Repair, Overhaul incl. supply of parts

  • Inspection and NDT of Turbine
  • Generator Overhaul
  • Rewinding of Exciter Rotor
  • Supply of LP Blades, Labyrinths and segment ring blades
  • Refurbishment of Steam Chest, Nozzle Rings, Bearings
  • Repair of Casings
  • Supply of re-engineered ESV
  • Site overhauling with service team and tools

Customer Benefits: 

  • One stop Service solutions
  • Short delivery period
  • Cost Savings

Large Turnaround Solution


OEM: MAN-ES, Siemens, AEG Kanis, Nuovo Pignone 

Equipement & Machine types: steam turbines, barrel and horizontal split-line centrifugal compressors

Location: UK

Year of Reference: 2021

MAN Workshop: Oberhausen


  • Major overhaul of 13 casings across 3 trains including refrigeration units, air and synth trains


Customer Benefits: 

  • One-stop service solution
  • Time critical job fully controlled by contractor
  • Cost savings 



OEM: GE, Nuovo Pignone, Dresser Rand, Kobelco, Mitsubishi, Howden, Sulzer, Clyde Union

Equipment & Machine types: Centrifugal & Screw Compressors, Steam Turbines, Sea Water Injection Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Blowers, Gear Boxes and auxiliary Equipment.

Location: Brazil

Year of Reference: 2020

MAN Workshop: Brazil

Workscope: Technical Assistance in Rotating Equipment (Inspection, Repairs, Field Service, Training and Reverse Engineering.


Customer Benefits: 

  • Exclusive availability of technical experts out of one hand
  • Terms and Conditions previously agreed
  • Preferential service fee (cost saving)
  • Fast mobilization time
  • Priority for emergency repairs and / or field service assistance

Footprint Triveni


OEM: Triveni

Equipment & Machine types: MST 010 for Power Generation / 760kWe

Location: South Korea and Production Center India

Year of Reference: 2021


  • Footprint solution for the existing in-operation Triveni Steam Turbine
  • ST (without Generator) + Oil cooler + GSC (Gland Steam Condenser) + TCP (Turbine Control Panel)

Customer Benefits: 

  • Efficiency Recovery (Cost Saving)
  • Easy for Maintenance
  • Improved Reliability

Footprint BBC



Equipment & Machine types: Replacement BBC Steam Turbine with DK100/220

Location: France and Production Center Oberhausen

Year of Reference: 2017


  • Inspection of existing customer generator
  • Replacement of BBC Steam Turbine with Steam Turbine Generator DK100/220 drive complete footprint solution (R5 Type custom design) on transport frame incl. Extraction and Bleed valves
  • Control and Turbine Protection


Customer Benefits: 

  • MAN provided new machine and service and brought back efficiency
  • State of art technology


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