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Spare parts for power generation

From wear parts to core parts, the genuine OEM replacement parts, maintenance kits, and global spare-part services of MAN PrimeServ for your engine systems help you secure the availability and protect the reliability of your power plant.
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Powering reliability with powerful part solutions

Whether you feed the grid, power homes and infrastructures, or generate the energy that drives industrial processes, your business success hinges on supplying steady, reliable, and affordable power. The availability and efficiency of the engine systems that generate this power, in turn, rests on the quality and effortless supply of parts. This is why a robust spare part strategy is a cornerstone of reliable plant operation. It is crucial to both the capacity to meet contractual output commitments and the plant’s bottom line. As a leading service solutions provider, MAN PrimeServ has the reach and resources to support your spare part strategy as a trusted partner.

Quality you can count on

At MAN PrimeServ, we believe in ease of business – of your business. Hence, we not only provide a global 24/7 spare part supply but a range of part-related service solutions. These additional solutions, small and large, are designed to mitigate, even eliminate, risks in your parts management: These risks can range from insufficient information available to procurement to inadequate spare parts identification, from missing documentation, certifications, and declarations to inventory issues.

Trusted global partner

  • Fast, cost-efficient 24-hour delivery from a well-tuned global spare parts network
  • We plan and coordinate parts services for you

Ease of business

  • Access a full portfolio of parts, kits, services, and agreements streamlines procurement
  • Simplify your process with EDP-supported spare-part handling

Technical competence

  • We monitor and archive service reports for you
  • All spare parts and kits meet the ISO 9001 standard

Find all the parts you need in one place

Tap into the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of warranted genuine OEM parts

At MAN PrimeServ, we understand the crucial role spare parts play in protecting and enhancing the performance of engine systems over their long service life. We manufacture spare parts with the same care and rigorous quality standards that go into our new engines and turbochargers. Rely on our extensive and intimate knowledge of your engine systems to provide spare solutions, consumables, and spare part service solutions for:

  • two-stroke and four-stroke engines by MAN Energy Solutions and by its legacy brands
  • turbochargers by MAN Energy Solutions, PBST, and PBS-Turbo
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems

Spare parts

Our spare parts evolve in step with your requirements

At MAN PrimeServ, we keep quality standards rigorous, the order process simple, and the supply coming. All parts, from flow parts to wear-and-tear parts, from raw and semi-finished to core parts, are guaranteed to meet technical qualifications and specifications. However, there is more to our parts than OEM quality or 24/7 global access. Our parts evolve. R&D experts continuously improve processes, materials, and designs, enhancing anything from coating to seals. Through us, you have access to these proprietary, evermore efficient and sturdy, part designs. As a valuable resource in optimizing the lifecycle performance of assets, our design updates help you meet the evolving requirements in your market.

How you benefit

  • Proven OEM quality
  • Continuous development
  • Full life cycle support
  • Reliable operation

Maintenance kits

Kits that build on decades of experience in preventive maintenance and historical data for engine systems

Each maintenance kit contains the full set of spare-and-wear parts recommended for planned maintenance. As all-in-one solutions, parts kits keep routine overhauls, maintenance, and inspections simple, effective, and time-efficient. The kit content promotes replacing all crucial wear parts in one go. An approach that boosts reliability while streamlining overall maintenance. You need a recommendation for a stand-alone maintenance kit? Or, the full list of maintenance kits recommended for your engine systems and application? At MAN PrimeServ, our OEM-level expertise not only goes into building maintenance kits but into helping you best leverage them.

How you benefit

  • Kits tailored to engine and application
  • Lean and budget-friendly parts management
  • Reduced handling and delivery costs
  • Mitigated risk of multiple, or incomplete, orders
  • Kit prices include parts logistics for easy budgeting

Spare part services

OEM-level reliability and high service value for perfect peace of mind

From identifying parts for procurement to building comprehensive spare parts concepts that consider your operational requirements and maintenance strategy, we simplify and streamline your parts management.

More spare part services

  • Identification of parts
  • Customization of spare parts to your specifications
  • Parts storage solutions tailored to your needs
  • 3D measurement, reverse engineering, and remanufacture of parts
  • Part lists tailored to your specific application and system configuration
  • Analysis and forecasting of spare parts demand and inventory recommendations


An alternative to brand new parts

At MAN PrimeServ, we take a one-stop approach to supporting you with reconditioning services that expand your part-management toolbox while reducing costly complexities. Our reconditioning services are available for parts in turbochargers and engines of all types and sizes from MAN Energy Solutions, legacy brands as well as a selection of major third-party brands.

Spare part agreement

Say good-bye to the costly back and forth of case-by-case orders

The MAN PrimeServ Spare Part Agreement, or SPA for short, is a crucial tool in securing plant availability in the long term. With a SPA, customized to your application and setup, you ensure latest-design OEM spare parts are right there when you need them for scheduled maintenance.

To further streamline cost, scheduling, logistics, and communication, we assign a contract manager to you as a single point of contact at MAN PrimeServ.

Discover OEM parts kits for your equipment and application

MAN PrimeServ service centers across the world supply spare parts, services, and training to customers worldwide
we offer worldwide round-the-clock service 365 days a year for all MAN Energy Solutions products
employees at MAN PrimeServ serve customers around the globe

The right parts, the right time, the right place

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Looking for the perfect spare part strategy to drive your business?

At MAN PrimeServ, we have a long and excellent track record in meeting spare parts needs. Talk to us to find out how to support you in mitigating availability risks and ensuring the reliability and performance of your engine systems for years ahead.

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